Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fall Might Be Here

After a month of 90 degree temperatures, it looks like fall might be here. It's cloudy outside and may even rain. What a relief! I have to admit that I may have bit off a little more than I can chew this semester again, but that's not the main reason I haven't been blogging. It's just be hot and oppressive for much of September, and I haven't felt like knitting in that weather. I've started tons of things, but just couldn't get excited about anything. I did knit this little bunny to donate to a craft and bake sale that my church will have in a month or so.

I've finally gotten a pair of socks going again too. I get a little bored of knitting plain socks, but I don't realy like knitting intricate ones because they accentuate "unskinny" ankles such as mine. I've gone back to my Loksin pattern. I used to have trouble with it, but I'm finally passed that, and I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting them. I have the pattern memorized, so I don't need to concentrate too much while I'm working on them.