Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hanging On!

Lately, I've taken to checking my blog to see if possibly it's just updated itself since I know there's no way that I've done it. I'm not that sympathetic to people who complain that they're soooo busy. I always feel like much of that is just a choice, and I include myself in that. However, the reason that I stay so busy during the school year is about to arrive! I teach extra college classes because I hate worrying about money during the summer. The two of us make more than enough not to have to worry about making it through the summer, BUT I want to splurge on travel, eating out, and shopping during the I work extra. My college classes are finished...except for the final grades and my high school classes will be over in two and a half weeks, and then summer will be here!
Maybe then I'll have more than a little, lace doily thing that I knit after discovering Vintage on Ravelry. Of course, now I can't find the exact pattern, but flacon is the one that I was first drawn to because it is an old Danish pattern. OMG! I've just bragged that I knit a doily. What's next? Toilet paper covers?!!!