Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uninspired and uninspiring

So, it's come to this. Posting pictures of my fireplace, on which I've admittedly displayed a few knit items, but they're items I knit  several years ago. I'd like to pretend that I painted the eggs myself, but they're just an exorbitant purchase from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. I was just afraid that if I didn't post soon, I'd forget my blog password! This is the time of year that I wish I would be less greedy and just have one job, instead of three! It's not like I don't have free time, but teaching two extra college classes does limit my "sit around and knit" time. Russ and I did mange to take a little trip to San Luis Obispo this Saturday. I dutifully brought along 30 four-page essays to grade, and there they sat in the back seat the entire day. Oh, the guilt!
I did finish this Birds and the Bees headband for a friend's baby a couple of weeks ago. I've called it (not to my friend) the $40 headband since it used four skeins of louet gem fingering yarn which is $10 a skein. I justified it by assuring myself that I would also knit a little striped sweater with the leftover yarn. I just can't find the right pattern though. The colors are really cute on the headband, but ultimately they're not colors that I think about going together in a sweater. So, the search continues. I'm thinking of buying a skein of pink to offset the "non-baby" brown and dark green yarn. What's another $10 anyway?