Thursday, March 15, 2007

Superfluous Sockblockers

I finally got blogger to upload my pictures from yesterday; I think that there was something wrong with my pictures actually because everything worked fine after I re-imported them. I've also added a pic of my sockblockers that I received in the mail today. I've been wanting a pair of sockblockers, not because I see any real need for them but because I like the way they look. I ordered them off of ebay, and I'm not overly happy with them I have to admit. I thought they'd be of a little higher quality. They're supposed to be made out of oak, but they're only oak laminate and part of the laminate is chipped off on the top of one of them. The heart cut-out is a little rinky-dink too. On the other hand, I'm not so unhappy that I would consider sending them back or consider even naming the person who sells them. I had just hoped for a little more, I guess.

I got such a nice email from Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits
yesterday. I'm pretty much in love with her knit stuffed rabbits. They're incredibly cute!! Her "store" is only open like once a month and then everything disappears as soon as it opens. This month I kept checking and checking trying to get myself one of those cute little rabbits, but I missed the change. I emailed her and asked if she ever planned on publishing a pattern book and she said possibly in the future. Don't go to her site unless you want to start obsessing about stuffed rabbits!

Here's a pic of our Mexican Shrimp Cocktail from Tuesday night. Mmmmm, that sounds good to have for supper again.


Janice said...

That looks so delicious.. definitely will have to copy and try that recipe!! The socks look great.. on and off the sock blocker!!

Anonymous said...

Dang, wish I wasn't allergic to shellfish...that shrimp dish my darling niece devised...looks so fab...she is "special", like we always say!! Have a good weekend in Taft....Lincoln is having some decent weather!!

a simple yarn said...

I've always wondered about a sock blocker....apart from the questionable quality, overall would you recommend them? Guess I ought to finish my first pair of socks before I think about another 'tool'!