Sunday, September 30, 2007

Excitement Arrives in the Mail

I guess I'm turning into a twice a month blogger. That's not very inspiring, is it? I have been knitting quite a bit though. But before I talk about that, I have to brag that my approved master's thesis arrived in the mail last week. I'll admit that since I turned it in way back in July that I figured that I would have heard from someone on my committee by now if there were significant problems with it, so I wasn't that surprised. I had a few typos (no shock there, huh, loyal readers:) I just have to fix those and I'm pretty much done. I am really proud of myself and can't really believe that I did it, especially when I think about how I still feel like I don't have much free time, even now with it done.

Poor Russ had oral surgery on Friday. Other than feeling sorry for him, however, it was a very nice day for me. I took the day off work, even though his appoirntment wasn't until 1:45 in the afternoon, and we didn't have to leave until 1:00. After he was taken back to have a "screw" placed in his jaw, I headed over to a Creative Pursuits knitting shop in downtown Bakersfield, a few blocks away. I hardly ever go there since there is another knitting shop in Southwest Bakerfield that is more convenient. I had a great time there, and bought some Araucania yarn in a pretty multi-colored orange to knit pumpkins with. I had two hours to kill before going back to pick Russ up, so it was a nice leisurely afternoon. And to top it off, Russ's experience wasn't too bad, except for the fact that it cost us $5,000, most of which our insurance doesn't cover. Well, at least Russ's parents have the satisfaction of knowing that they saved money when he was a kid by taking him to a dental college rather than a real dentist. Our dentist thinks that that was the original cause..a cavity was filled improperly when he was a kid and it's been a continuing expense to us for the last twenty years with bridges, etc. This should take care of it for good now. Oh..and yes I am being petty about Russ's parents. They were not poor, just cheap.

Mmm! I better say something to make me sound a little less judgemental than my last paragrah did. I am excited that I'm starting to get some Christmas presents finished up. I'm almost finished with my neice's pink cotton sweater, and I'm also knitting a bunch of tiny socks to go with the keychain sock blocker from the Loopey Ewe that I'm knitting for my sister. I figure that it will be fun for her kids to play with all the little socks when they are in church or someplace where they have to sit quietly.


Wool Winder said...

I've always liked those tiny socks. I bet the kids will have fun playing with them.

Mama Bear said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the thesis!!!

I'm sure your husband is glad the dental work is over.

Keychains are really cute.

Tracy said...

Congrats--HOORAY!! And look at all that delicious yarn. You're so busy thesedays, I'm amazed you find the time to blog at all...But so glad you do ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Caroline!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I am sure you are feeling good about the thesis.

Sorry about Russ', that was pricey....and unfortunate. But, a smile that is "full" is worth the $$.

Ev is visiting Jamie and Noah in Virginia now, I just heard....geez...wonder why they can't make it to CA, eh??

Take care, lets phone soon.

Love ya.

Julie said...

Typos - who cares - You are Approved for Fall 2007 graduation!!! That is so exciting - I hope you have a big party. You know what, celebrate by buying some yarn! Oh, you already did that. Well, do it again! And your husband must be feeling the pain in two places - the wallet and his mouth. Ouch.

Janice said...

A big Congratulations to you!! Bummer about the dental work, but sounds like you got some fun yarn shopping in anyways! Can't wait to see pics of all the things you've been knitting on!!

TheBlackSheep said...

Hi! I've been googling the Aran Sandal Socks desperately looking for help and ran across your entry. I don't usually spam people I don't know, but like I said, I'm desperate. You also have a nice blog and very cute dogs, both of which make me think you must be a very nice person indeed. Anybody who laughs at a puppy with knitting needles in their mouth and takes time to photograph it, must be nice :0)

Back to the point. I've attempting to do the heel flap, but am having a right bugger of a time trying to work the pattern back and forth. I can't get my head around the backward twists. Since you've done such a good job on them yourself, I was wondering if you might have any tips or hints you could give me. I would really appreciate any help at all.

I'm probably babbling now, but your mention of Pismo made me homesick. I'm originally from the Fresno area and my family goes to Pismo regularly to escape "the heat". (I call it escaping the Fresno area. Pismo is so much nicer.) We're going when I'm home in December and I'm really looking forward to it, "crowded" or not! Clam chowder, here I come!

Even if you can't help, thanks for the reminder of home and the pictures of your dogs which made me smile. Have a good day!

PS. Congrats on the thesis!
PPS. You also have excellent taste in books and movies!