Monday, October 22, 2007

100th Post

I just happened to notice yesterday that I was on my 99th post. I knew 100 was coming, and I had kind of thought I'd just let it go un-marked since I didn't have any great ideas about how to celebrate it. However, I was looking through my yarn yesterday as well, and I discovered a beautiful skein of of merino cashmere sock yarn from The Knittery. (I don't even remember where I bought it. Jimmy Bean's maybe. It's worsted weight, which someone in colder climate would have many opportunities to make use of: but sadly I don't think that heavy wool socks will ever be something I'll need more than a day or two a year.

So I'm having a small contest. All you have to do is to tell me a "sock" story. I'm most interested in your favorite pattern, but I don't care what your story is about. it will just be fun to read them. I'll keep my content open until my next post--No! I'm not going to wait a month between post like I've been doing! I'm thinking I'll just choose the winner randomly, but I reserve the right to choose the person who tells me the best story:)


Karen said...

I love your bunnies in the previous post, they are too cute. Hmmmm, a sock story....first off, you have to know that I am a visual learner, so when Monica taught me a few years ago how to knit socks it had to be done in stages (we live about 100 miles apart and don't get to see each other often). So she said cast on onto 4 needles and knit the cuff and then the leg until it is 6"...and there it sat on hold until she came over for my son's birthday and could teach me the heel flap and turn (I had never knit short rows before). And then over the phone and in an email she told me how to decrease for the toe. Then came the Kitchner, I had taped an episode of Knitty Gritty with the Kitchner I watched a step paused the tape and did it and then continued that way until the toe was closed. Now,4 years later, all I want to do is knit socks. Sorry this is so long, but it's a great contest...and that is pretty yarn...and it's going to be very cold here soon....

Karen said...

I forgot to say my favorite sock pattern is anything my sister (Monica) designs.

monica said...

A sock story, hmmm. Is this kind of like a fish story : ). I will tell you about my very first sock ever. I have been knitting for almost all my life, I don't remember not being able to knit, it has been that long. But in all those years I had never knit a sock. about 6 or 7 years ago I decided I was going to see what all the ta -do was about this sock knitting. I had knit in the round, I had used dpn's how hard could it be for pete' sake. I ordered some sock wt yarn and found a pattern on line, It said it was for an advanced knitter. I considered my self an advanced knitter, but in hind site I think they meant advanced sock knitter. I did perfectly fine until I got to the heel turn. The heel flap was a breeze. The directions were indeed written for an experienced sock knitter, not necessarily an advanced sock knitter but someone who had at least had a clue about turning a heel. Which I had not ever done.So I stayed up late one evening after the kids and hubby had gone to bed feeling the quiet, and no distractions were in order. I should of maybe had a glass of wine too, but not being a drinking woman there was none to be had. So that same heel turn that I can now do in my sleep in about 4 minutes flat took about no less than 15 tries and numerous holes in the middle before a lightbulb went off, So i would say at least 2 hours later i had a very nice heel flap/ turn, one I could actually be proud of, and a sock I still wear today....proudly. That was the beginning of my love of hand knitted socks knit with beautiful hand dyed sock yarns. There is nothing better. Now to my favorite sock pattern. I just don't know about that. There are so many I have truly enjoyed knitting I don't know if I can pick one. I would venture to say it is one of my own and one of the most recent ones.
Congrats on the 100th post. The Knittery yarn is some beautiful yarn.

Wool Winder said...

I was knitting in public the other day and a non-knitting friend asked me what I was making. When I told her I was knitting a sock, she seemed quite impressed. Then she wanted to know what I was going to do with them. When I said "wear them", she seemed shocked. I really don't know what she expected me to say. I was baffled and so was she.

My favorite socks are simple ribbed legs with short-row heels and toes using the PG-R's method. The two prettiest pairs of socks I've ever made are Go With The Flow and Embossed Leaves, both from Interweave Knits. They are now included in a book called Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave.

TheBlackSheep said...

I don’t have a specific story about a sock (unless you count the Arans, but that’s not a story, it’s a saga) so I’ll tell you why I have to knit so many.

My first pair of socks ever turned out too big (I blame Gauge, he’s tricky like that), but no biggie and it was a learning experience. Figuring I now knew what size to knit, I asked my family if they would like some. Grandma was a given, but my aunt swore up and down that she would never be able to wear wool socks because they are too itchy; so no socks for her. I arrived for my annual trip home toting the too big socks and proceeded to ask if my uncle would wear them as they were just too big for me. My aunt grabbed them, looked at them, felt them, and said, “But these aren’t itchy! These are really nice. I could wear these!” Uncle grabs them from her and puts them on. He made the mistake of taking them off at night. Guess who wears them now.

Then, I offer to make her a pair. I was on vacation and I had time. I asked what colour. She says something solid. I had no solids. I brought out the mini-stash I had with me and gave her the choice between blue/green and a purple melange (I buy the generic brand from my LYS here). After 20 min. of listening to her tell me she preferred solids (which I still didn’t have 20 min. later), she chose the blue/green as it would go with her clothes. An hour later, she changed her mind and decided that the purple was nice. The next day, I started knitting her the purple. She loves them. I did the blue/green for her as well, just to be nice (can you say last minute Christmas pressie?). She loves both pairs and gets compliments on them all the time.

Last week, she commissioned a pair of socks from me in the Fröhlich Sedrun trekking wool I used for my Arans. I asked what colour, meaning a solid, which she had previously sworn to high heaven was preferable to stripes or melanges. “Weeeeeelll, I really like the melanges you make, don’t they have any of those in that wool?” Cue me falling out of my chair.

Converted! She went from non-wool to wool and solids to pretty mixes all because I learned to knit socks.

The only problem being that I now have a whole lot of socks to knit. :D

marit said...

Congrats on your 100th!!! I really enjoy reading your blog.
Sock story? Well, I really don't (or should that be "didn't"...???) like to knit socks- but I've discovered lace socks. And patterned socks. And... Anyway, one of the first pairs I made, it must have been 25 years ago, was made of wool that my grandmother had spun herself, and knitted into a sweater for my father during WWII. It was worn and torn and not usable anymore, so I got my mother's permission to frog it, and I knit two pairs of kneehigh socks with it, using cablepatterns. I wore them a lot, and I think they are still somewhere in the attic at my parents home. The heels and feet are all worn out now. But I remember the feeling of pride and satisfaction when they were done!

mari said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

Sock story...hmmm?

Well, I have only recently gotten addicted to knitting socks. I knit my first pair last year and hadn't knit another pair until this past spring. Now I am on my third pair in about four months time. A pair of Charades using Tofutsies. Love them. It is a great pattern.

These socks are always with me. In my schoolbag, usually. ( I am a teacher). I usually pull them out during rest time. I teach four year olds, so they get a good hour of rest. I get a good 30 min of knitting in on good days.

There are always a few kids interested in what I am doing. Some can tell I am knitting a sock right away, others have no clue what I am making. Some kids just want to watch and are always so quiet as they do.

Last year, I brought in a pair of finished socks and passed them around to those that were interested and let them feel them and try them on. They loved it. They were the first pair I made so it was nice to hear all these four year olds complimenting me on how good they were. Hehe.

Haven't decided on what sock pattern to try after the charades. I do have some sock yarn in the stash and more on the way. KnitPicks sale going on. Couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am at a real disadvantage....I have never knitted a sock, in fact I have not knitted a thing in like 15 I am submitting a random poem (off the cuff).

I can only think of one thing that I want to hold near,

And it would be anything that's made of cashmere.

It is so soft, and beautiful and is all the rage,

My love for it is to complicated to gage.

Caroline knitted me my favorited throw that I snuggle each Nebraska night,

Now give me the dang socks or this will turn into a fight!!

Ann M
Lincoln NE
Bad poet, and worse knitter-person

Hege said...

Congratulations on your 100th post :)

I don't think I have a special sock story, but something I will always trasure is that each time i knit a sock my youngest want to try it on. He doesn't care if it's way to big, he just put on a big smile. And each time there is a pair of socks that fits him he gets very proud of wearing them! I really hope he will learn to knit when he grows older ;)

When it comes to patterns, I like the look of a simple k2, p2 or k3, p2 rib.

Tracy said...

Happy 100! I'm just back from a two week trip...So great to stop by here and see all the goodness you've been sharing! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))