Friday, November 16, 2007

Knit, Rip, Knit, Rip

I have no knitting to report whatsoever. It's not that I haven't been knitting I have knit and reknit my Loksins at least five times. It's not even a difficult pattern. I just haven't concentrated I guess. I also tried to make them with a picot edge, which I love, but I didn't get the tension right; so I'm starting over again. Yikes!

I'll just post a picture of my daughter and her best friend. She's the "red head" (this week) on the left. I'm very proud of her; she letters in three sports and has had straight A's all through high school. She also regularly drives me crazy and is usually the source for any of my "tossing and turning" nights. She has fairly good sense, but she still worries me. She recently got her learner's permit, which is an additional cause for me to worry. I will admit that I much prefer having her in the back seat with her earphones and her books, ignoring us. How can we possibly trust any teenagers to drive? in my teacher and parent opinion, even "good" teenagers like Paige are crazy a good deal of the time. We shouldn't let them behind the wheel until they are twenty at least. I'm just saying.

I'll also post a picture of our sleeping puppy. I like her best when she is sleeping. I no longer think that her diabolical obsession with yarn and wooden knitting needles is cute. She has destroyed at least four of my Brittany knitting needles. The mayhem has ceased only because I have become more dilligent about not leaving my knitting lying around! Yes, there is another dog behind her. Our older (previously not recognized as perfect but now greatly appreciated beagle) Rowdy loves her, except when she bites his ears!


Tracy said...

Your daughter is lovely--and what an accomplished young woman she is! Your pup is sooo sweet...althought the tendency to destory and obstruct your knitting--not good--LOL! Happy week to you all. Thanks for stopping by to see me :o) ((HUGS))

Karen said...

I think it is the goal of every teenager to drive their parents crazy (even if they are "good" most of the time). My daughter got her license this past summer (thank goodness she is a good and responsible driver). I still worry every time she goes out though (that's my job, and I'm very good at I'm told). Shame on that puppy for destroying your needles and knitting. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Caroline said...
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Anonymous said...

Im dying it red again :) (this week hah) I like it like that! Oh yes and mother i would like these one basketball shoes that are a little expensive, but there aren't any good ones on sale. P.S. I am an excelent driver! and you know it!