Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ten Times Still Wasn't the Charm seems that I have taken another month-long break from blogging... but not from knitting. In fact, it was knitting itself that precipitated my break. I love last year's Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts, and I've had plans to knit many of the patterns in there, especially the sock patterns. Last month I decided to give the citrine socks a try. I was slightly intimidated when I discovered that it calls for a short-row heal. I've been perfectly happy knitting "regular" heals with no real problems,so I wasn't excited about venturing beyond my comfort zone. I began with my typical approach of not paying close enough attention and had to restart several times, but the pattern itself wasn't the problem. It is very easy....until you get to the heal. I just couldn't get it. I unravelled the entire sock at least five times, hoping that I'd have better luck each time. Finally, I kind of started understanding the process, but I still kept getting a hole in the gusset. Awwwwww! I finally gave up...not forever, but for now. Somehow that experience just made me disinterested in blogging. I didn't even want to check on all of my cyber friends who were probably happily knitting hole-less" heals. I know Tracy was because her socks are always beautiful, and she likes those short-rows!

I did have success with another bunny. I was a little too excited about getting finished and notice from my picture that she really needs to have her dress pressed, but otherwise I'm very happy with her. I knit her with the rest of the angora yarn that I used for the little boy rabbit in my last post. I didn't quite have enough, but I just made her look like she had on some pantaloons and ended up with about a yard of yarn left. I wasn't even nervous...well maybe just a little. I still use the Easter bunny pattern that I bought from Barbara Prime at Fuzzy Thoughts I've altered it some, knitting the head, body, and part of the legs in the round; and shortening the body. I'm not even pretending that I'm making the pattern my own.
I readily admit that I'm totally copying Julie's style. She's in a class by herself as far as I'm concerned. t is fun to have something so unique to give as a baby gift, and I've had a load of co-workers having babies lately. The Easter egg is from Julie's free pattern. I'm not completely happy with it. Maybe I need to get some styrofoam inserts as she suggests.

I have eight days of freedom before me, so I should get a lot of knitting done! We're thinking of making some short trips, maybe taking a boat trip to one of the islands off the coast near Santa Barbara. Should be FUN.


Julie said...

I love your little bunnies! I keep forgetting that Easter is next Sunday. So soon after St. Patrick's Day makes it difficult to realize how close it really is! I don't even have any Easter baskets out and what candy I've purchased has already been eaten. But that is no different from any other year.

Wool Winder said...

It took me several tries to figure out short-rows, so don't feel defeated. However, you may decide that heel flaps and gussets are what you like best. It's always good to try new techniques just to see.

You knit the best bunnies! The egg is really cute too.

Enjoy your break!!!

TheBlackSheep said...

Holes in the gusset? Get them all the time. I just weave a bit of yarn over the holes on the inside of the sock and that takes care of that.

Happy Easter break! Enjoy your time off!

Rani said...

Oh, that boat trip sounds wonderful! Take that little bun bun with you and take some funny photos!

Keep on a-knittin'