Sunday, August 10, 2008

Humboldt County Fair

In the twenty years that my parents have lived in Humboldt County, we have missed the Humboldt County Fair two times, once because I was eight and a half months pregnant with Kai, and once because I had a chance to make way too much money teaching a week-long computer class for teachers.

The kids have toned down their midway activities, but they still love climbing the rock wall and riding the ferris wheel. ...and visiting the cow barn.

...and watching a horse race or two. Russ ruined his horse-betting winning streak this year. He's only bet on the horses a couple of times, and won every time. He was nine dollars ahead over the last twenty years. You can't see the horse he bet on in this picture because he is way too far behind the others to be in the picture! Really! Mmmmm. Lesson learned.

Of course, my favorite place to visit is the domestic arts building. I was a little disappointed in the knits this year. They covered up the items with the entry cards. I didn't even bother taking a picture of the socks because you could barely see them. I did like the little pink sweater and bear though.


Wool Winder said...

The county fair is your family tradition. It's good to make memories like that. The baby sweater is cute.

KnittingBlueContent said...

That must be your daughter . . . she has your pretty eyes!

Cute knitted sheep/lambs.

Willow said...

Both The Professor and I have Humboldt County roots. He graduated from Arcata High School, lived in Blue Lake during the years his dad was registrar at Humboldt State. If you go to the old cemetery in Ferndale you'll see all my relatives (well, you'll see their graves anyway). My grandparents both grew up there.

The county fairs are always so much fun! I just wrote a post about the Ventura Co fair.

When I wa a child we'd go to the Coos Co fair down in southwest Oregon with my grandparents. There was a rodeo and we always went on that night.

Willow said...

I knew you'd be excited about Eleanor Elizabeth! I am so glad you pointed me in the direction of the pattern from fuzzy mitten. It's exactly what I wanted!

OK: family history. My maiden name is Trigg. There were Triggs in Humboldt Co from the mid 1800s. My father grew up on a farm just outside of Ferndale. My grandmother was a Hough from Upper Mattole. The family farm still exists up there in UM but I don't know who is living on it. My grandparents' families stayed in Ferndale but they moved to Coos Co, Oregon after they married, around 1915, I think. My dad was born in Coos Co. One cousin came there too, but the rest all stayed in Ferndale. I heard several years ago that my great aunt's house was bought by a local doctor.

My husband was only in Humboldt for 5 years. His father also pastored a little country church in Westhaven while he was registrar. We go back to Arcata for every high school reunion and he keeps in contact with several classmates.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Looks like you're having a fun break. The pictures from your parents home are beautiful!

JayJay said...

I wonder why they didn't put the tags next the items rather than on top? Didn't they think people would want to see the items?

Oh well, it still looks like a fun time and wonderful tradition. Now if only I could convince my hubby to go to the OC fair.