Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Hat!

I'm not that excited about actual Halloween night, seeing that our neighborhood has seemingly been deemed by our town to be the neighborhood least likely to give out poisoned candy so that we often go through between 400 to 600 mini-candy bars between 6:00 and 9:00 P.M. On the other hand, I like the build-up to it. I knit a second little Halloween hat for one of my sister's kids last night while we watched Shawn of the Dead. I hate horror films...except for this one. For some reason I'm not disturbed by the zombies getting skewered or the whole "removing the brain" advice from the newscaster. Maybe because it's British. Whatever the reason, we had a pleasant evening eating a "Wildcat Special" pizza with Paige and her friend Veronica and watching zombies get blown away. I just make the pattern up, and I'm not overly happy with it, but it was fun along the way.
I have the temporarily on display on my mantel until I mail it on Monday. The cute little woodblocks, however, get to stay. I already had the little Arbor Lodge, which is located in Nebraska City, Nebraska, built by the founder of Arbor Day. The trees are new. They have lots of apple trees in Nebraska City, so I ordered an apple tree and another "falling-looking" trees from Cat's Meow in honor of the falls I would like to experience again sometime.It seems pretty obvious that I like to show off my kds, but usually I do have their pics have some connection to knitting. So, here's my connection. I have only one show on T.V. that I regularly watch. It's The Office. Jim and Pam got married last week, and Paige baked a cake to eat as we watched. What could be better than eating cake and watching a show you love? --Knitting once you finish your slice of cake!


Willow said...

Cute hat. I guess it's time for me to start knitting The New Boy some warm things. It is 38 degrees in his town tonight. Poor guy.

Cute kid with the cake, too. If anyone on Bones or NCIS ever actually gets married (except Gibbs), I'll bake a cake to celebrate.

Thimbleanna said...

Haha! That's so fun to have a cake for a show you love. My kids love the office -- it must be in a time slot that competes with something TheManoftheHouse watches 'cause I never see it on tv. I love the cute pumpkin hat too!

Rani said...

OMG, the cake is hilarious!

Love the hat - we get 0 trick-o-treaters. ZERROOOOO! Can you believe it? That's what happens when you live in the middle of the deep dark forest, I guess. We drive to places like your neighborhood instead - hee hee.

Julie said...

I have to know, what is Wildcat Pizza? That hat is great, I like it, so publish the pattern already would ya?
That cake is awesome too, what a way to experience an unforgettable episode.

Hege said...

Wish I had a cake as I'm going to watch one of my favorite shows a bit later tonight - Bones :)