Friday, February 12, 2010

Still Needing to Learn My Manners

OK, so before I brag about finished my second Icewine Mitten I have to tell an embarrassing story from my past. When my husband and I were first married, we spent a lot of time with a single friend of ours just going to movies, concerts, and whatever. We'd run into this guy from work and his wife every once in a while. The guy was really nice, and his wife seemed nice enough, but every time we'd see them, the guy would ask us if we'd met his wife, and she'd act like we'd never met me before.  She already knew my friend for some reason, but she never remembered who I was. I don't know exactly why it bugged me, but it did. It was such a dismissal, and besides she kind of seemed to think she was all that. Here's where I reveal my true petty nature. night, we went to this concert--in a church--, and there they were. Same dismissal again. We were sitting right behind them. I took out my program and wrote a note to my friend, something to the effect that the"wife" was a snit. I probably didn't write what I really thought because I was in church, after all. Well, no sooner than I had finished writing my nasty, little note, then the "wife" turns around and asks if she can look at my program because they didn't get one! I hurriedly scratched out what I had written. It was awkward to say the least, at least for me. She had to have wondered what I was doing hesitating to give her that program, busily scribbling away.

I thought that that experience had cured me of being petty in public; however, I guess it didn't.. Wednesday, I wrote a snarky post mentioning Heather Ordover from Craftlit , and she read it, the part where I so caddily complained of her raspy voice when she was battling pneumonia. I never thought she'd read my blog. She was really cute about it, but I'm still a little embarrassed. I mean, she provided me a wonderful service for free, and I'm constantly on her site, browsing through the book choices or reading her knitting posts, then I go and complain that she was sick and that her illness had interfered with my listening pleasure. How Rude. Maybe this time I'll learn to think before I write.

Now, on to a little knitting. I had a small group of knitters from work over to my house yesterday for a couple of hours of knitting, and I finished my mittens. They're for my friend, Julie. She and I had a Christmas swap this year, and among the innumerable gifts she gave me was a box of icewine tea. I'd never heard of it  before, but it's delicious. I ran into the pattern for these icewine mittens and just had to knit them for her. I'm not too worried that I'm ruining any surprise because I happen to know that Julie's working on a big paper this week. And, if she does read this, well she'll have something to look forward to.

I had a little bit of yarn left, so I knit one more heart with it. I think I'll throw it in with the mittens when I send them to Julie.


Wool Winder said...

Great job on the mittens!

Rani said...

OH Karoline, I've been in your shoes too many times! It's a horrible feeling. Once, I was ragging on my sister's ex and her cell phone was on and it was HIS number that it had called. OMG! How awful. In the end, he never heard anything but what a lesson I learned. It will always come back to bite me in the butt.

Kate said...

Insert foot in mouth, right? It took a pretty nasty incident to keep my mouth shut in public. I wont get into specifics, but lets just say that I learned my lesson.

I don't really think what you said is "trash talking" just a funny observation. Isn't it amazing when you find out just how small the blogosphere is?

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, don't you hate it when that happens? It never fails, when we forget, we get caught. Rani's story reminds me that I did the same thing once -- my hubby called me when I was visiting friends and he rambled on for 10 or 15 minutes about something that just wasn't important (I think he was missing me or something.) When he finally got done, I thought I had hung up the phone, only I hadn't and he heard me complaining about the call to my friends. I felt so awful, but I was upset that he had monopolized my limited time with my friends. Oh well, take a little comfort in the fact that it happens to all of us.

Your mittens are beautiful!

marit said...

You're not alone in that "speaking before thinking"-thing...LOL! Unfortunately I think my daughter is even worse than I am, poor thing!

Love your mittens!

TheBlackSheep said...

Love the mittens! I bow to your superior colourwork ability.

Don't you wish we came with an automatic censor built into our brains? One that would go off when we're being thoughtless or carless with our words? You're not alone with foot in mouth. We all have it.

Hege said...

Love your mittens!
And I guess we've all been speaking before thinking ;)

corinna said...

hi karoline
thanks so much for your nice comments
just rambled through your blog
love the knit hearts, all the hats,esp pumpkin one et little pumpkins
oh and the mittens and knit cupcakes are works of art......
eat and stay warm
i love that you make me think about my is always crazy how i think i have grown up and then zing i pull something thoughtless or's crazy

JayJay said...

The mittens looks fantastic! Don't worry about the blog comment. It certainly didn't sound personal. Try to think of the positive. How cool is it that so many people follow your blog!

Anonymous said...
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