Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

This was about the extent of my Easter decorating this year, not that I usually do that much anyway. My mom always had us paint eggs and make an Easter egg tree when I was little, but I never really started that tradition with my own kids even though I loved the Easter egg trees we used to make.  We did spend a great evening decorating egg with my SIL and nephew before they left, and I've had them on display.

I am really proud of my little Easter mat I finish this week. I ordered the kit from Prairie Point Junction last month but didn't start it until a couple of days ago. It was fun although our living room was a little cluttered with all of the pieces of felt I was cutting out. The pattern suggests using freezer paper to cut out the pattern pieces and then iron the templates onto the felt, and it will stick. How cool. Why can't regular sewing patterns do that? I've always hated pinning the pattern to the fabric to cut it out.
I also finished my L'Amour socks. I had Kai be my model before I ship the away to my SIL. I really loved this pattern. It's labor-intensive, but not difficult really, and the socks fit great. Ho hum, now what to do. I've had this nagging guilt all week about not doing any grading. I hate to ruin a perfectly good Easter Sunday by grading papers. I think I'll start another sock instead.


corinna said...

sil socks are great
easter mat is festive

all i got around to were two vases of flowers
but the windows are all open
so welcome spring!

Julie said...

I love Easter, and have tons of decorations, but this year I didn't even get the Easter baskets out until Saturday. I did have the kids color eggs, but couldn't get all four together at once so had to split it into 2 groups which meant buying two sets of egg dye.
Hope you had a happy Easter with your family.
Now you can knit a hat or something and get started on Christmas gifts.

Wool Winder said...

Nice work on the Easter mat and the socks!

Tracy said...

The Easter mat is fantastic...that is so sweet! And so are the socks--great finsish! I don't have much in the way of Easter decorations, so I've been admiring everyone else's in blogland...LOL Hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday weekend, and that the Easter Bunny was generous ;o) ((HUGS))

Thimbleanna said...

Your socks turned out great -- and that little mat is adorable too! Like you, I didn't do much decorating this year -- so sad! Oh, and your little mat sure looks cute with MY dishes LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your mat is lovely! I use freezer paper a lot for applique. The socks are super - I haven't knitted a pair for a while - I might have to have a browse through my sock yarn stash ....

Anonymous said...

I am Sosososososo excited for my new socks!!! They look great, and I already know how fantastic they feel (got to try one sock on). THANKS for your handy work and your talent!!!

I have something special to send you that I made too. Although, not nearly as swell.


Willow said...

Happy Easter (belated) to you too! I just got home from visiting my grandson. Now it's time to get out the grading and lesson plans. Ho hum. But we're in the last stretch now!

Love the Easter mat!

ImplausibleYarn said...

Its a wicked cute Easter mat. I had the most un-eastery Easter ever but somehow the Easter bunny still found me...your socks are adorable!

Hege said...

Love the socks! I really have to check out this pattern :)
And you should give toe-ups a try. It's not that hard ;)
Have a great weekend!

JayJay said...

How funny, I'd been avoiding piles of grading too! ;) Finally had to suck it up and do this past week, but I got another batch of papers on Wednesday (Ugh!). The socks are fantastic! I really need to finish my first pair for RJ before she goes off to college. Also, that Easter decoration is beautiful! You did a fantastic job.