Saturday, June 05, 2010

Knitting Mojo Regained

My goal this year was to post at least one more time each month than I did last year, not a very challenging goal considering my 2009 record. Since I only posted once last May, I wasn't a bit concerned about meeting my May goal this year, but I failed. I tried repeated times in the last month to get enthused about a project, but I just couldn't.
I've wanted to knit Knotty gloves from Laris Designs for a long time, and I did finally knit one. I was kind of happy with the result, but not enough to knit a mate. I think it's the yarn. Dare I say's just too pink! Then I thought I'd finally try to use up the twelve skeins of Debbie Bliss Silk Aran yarn I bought at least ten years ago, by knitting a set of placemats. I've knit this pattern before, and I  like it, but I don't like the yarn at all. I've read that other people don't like it either. It just doesn't feel good. So, I'm done trying to find a use for it. I'm giving to to a friend who will hopefully be more successful with it.

School has been out for only three days, and I'm already starting to feel creative again. Things have been so fast and furious for the last month or so that when I did have a little time to relax, I ended up falling asleep on the couch most of the time. It seems like the hectic pace of the entire year finally caught up with me. All year, I've been poignantly aware of all of the "high school lasts" that Paige was enjoying to the hilt.
I don't know if other schools make such a big deal of powderpuff football, but at our school, it's almost as important, to the girls at least, as the Homecoming game itself. I remember thinking when we took this picture that the year was going to zoom by, and I was right.
By the time prom came around,  Paige had decided to go to our community college for a year instead of to a university, which kind of helped me be a little less nostalgic. I would have been happy if she had chosen to go to Davis or Cal Poly right away, but I have to admit that I'm relieved to put off paying close to $30,000 a year for school, and I'm also glad that she isn't quite ready to leave home. Her brother is a little disappointed, but her dad and I are happy. Most of Paige's friends made the same choice, even her best friend who was the valedictorian of their class.

 I went to graduation equipped with a wad of kleenex, but was surprised to find that I was pretty much dry-eyed  and thoroughly  enjoyed every minute, with just a few exceptions. Paige and I walked up to the meeting area for teachers and students, and her friends said, You're wearing shorts??? You can't wear shorts!" I walked on ahead of her, hoping that security would give her a break, since they know her and her ditziness. I had to go in a different line, but I was happy to see her come up to me later as I gossiped with some of friends, only to discover that she was holding one of her sandasl in her hand. It was broken. Yikes! I took it into the gym office and attempted to staple iti back together. No luck. Fortunately, one of my friends who lives about five blocks from our school called home and had a pair delivered to us in the nick of time. Did Paige panic, you might ask. Not a bit. She said that she figured that she could always just go out there barefoot.

Paige graduated fifth in her class, which  would be good any year, but her class, besides being full of wonderful kids, has been the most academically inclined class I've seen in twenty-plus years of teaching. There was something like twenty kids who graduated with highest honors.  I have accused the boy in this picture with me of intentionally getting a B last year, so that he wouldn't have to risk giving a speech as valedictorian. I'm not entirely sure that I was wrong! Oh, and he didn't come to this country until he was in the third grade. Don't come to me if you want an unbiased discussion about immigration. At least half of my best students are immigrants or the children of immigrants. Their faces are what I see when people start discussing the evils of immigration. I just have to be content to love the students I have and to hope that we as a nation can quit being hysterical and create real solutions, instead of defaulting to being haters.

Sooo, after getting through graduation and grad night at Disneyland, I'm really ready to start being a knitter again. I've knit two bowls, which aren't works of art, but I like them. Paige went on a field trip to the beach with her A.P Statistics class a couple of weeks ago and brought me back a bunch of shells. I love shells and rocks, but I usually end up throwing them away because I mean how many grocery bags of shells can you have? Now I have a pretty way of displaying them.

I know that there are lots of felted bowl patterns out there, but I really liked how simple this one from Alice Thelma is. It's can also be adjusted with next to no thinking, which is very good for me.
So, my success with these cute, little bowls has gotten me excited about other projects. Kitty should be very happy. As soon, as I began knitting again, she positioned herself in her old spot right on top of my yarn. Everything is as it should be!


marit said...

Sanddollars! i picked a few on the beaches around San Fransisco 26 years ago, and saved them for a really long time, but now I think they're all gone...

Congratulations to Paige on her graduation! The schoolsystem is totally different, but very nice to hear about.

Knotty is a great pattern- I hope you find a yarn you like:-)

Have a lovely summer!

Thimbleanna said...

Haha - your kitty knows how to have a great time! Congratulations to Paige -- it sounds like she's had a great few years. And Congratulations to you for making it through another year. Now onto summer for you -- yipee!

corinna said...

congrats on the graduation

love the knit bowl
and purple socks

and that baklava looks heavenly
that and a cup of tea
would be perfect right about now

have a great early summer

Rani said...

Well congrats on the graduation! That's a big moment.

And I'm so glad to here that you're getting your knitting mojo back. I have been in the dumps lately and I think I may be starting to get the knitting itch again, too.

I got the wonderful yarn you sent. I am so emotional these days, just the thought of somebody's kindness sends me to tears.

It's been sitting on my nightstand since I opened it and I've been meaning to thank you. So I am officially thanking you now. THANK YOU! I love it to death. I am going to knit a hat with it. I will post it soon.

Happy summer and thanks for the felted bowl link. I may try that out.


Wool Winder said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the graduation - but I can't quite get the hang of your education system - my son graduated age 21 after 4 years at university. Glad the knitting mojo is back - I look forward to more posts!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to my sweet beautiful and SMART niece Paige. I am so proud of her....and am very impressed by her obtaining 5th in her class. YES!!!


TheBlackSheep said...

That kitty position looks oh so familiar.

Good to see you back!

Tracy said...

So many happy moments in photos here! Congrats to Paige on her graduations... lovely prom photos! :o) Prety glove... but too pink?! I never would have thought such a thing! ;o) I began the year knitting a lot, but with summer here find myself knitting a bit less--just busy days. Enjoy your summer break :o) ((HUGS))

JayJay said...

Wow, congrats on Paige's graduation! My daughter is only two, but it sure seems to go by fast. I'm glad she decided to give you another year before she leaves home.

So nice to see your knitting mojo return. If you happen to see mine anywhere let me know.....

Joansie said...

Gee, you have a kitty who loves yarn also :>)