Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bunnies Again!

I went through a  long period where I was practically obsessed with Julie's bunnies at Little Cotton Rabbit. I tried  innumerable times to buy one, but I finally gave up. I'd be ready to buy one at exactly the time she said she'd post them for sale, and I still wouldn't get one. I still love her bunnies though, and I always try to imitate her style. Her faces are so expressive, and I never feel like I give my bunny faces the personality that she gives hers. I was so excited last year when she published her Easter egg cozy pattern, thinking that finally I'd have the secret to her perfection. Her pattern is good, but I still don't feel like my bunnies measure up. Mine aren't terrible, but they look like everyone else's who tries copy Julie, a little amateurish. 

The baby shower was this afternoon, and I think that my friend, who is a knitter, was pleased. I spent the morning busily knitting to finish "her," watching The Natural History of the Chicken on Netflix, which my friend, Rani, suggested I would like after my post about Sweet Grass. She was right. I did like it a lot, even though I met with even more disinterest from my family when I suggested that they should watch it with me.

I have mentioned quite a few times lately that I don't need any more yarn,  for like...forever, but that doesn't mean I don't love getting some, especially when it's a gift. One of my good friends is from Maine, and when she went home this summer, she bought me this hall of yarn. I knew that she'd gotten me some yarn, but I didn't expect so much. I did kind of know that if it was from Maine, it was going to be nice. The color is my very favorite, and it feels luxurious. The fingering weight yarn is from Res Naturae Yarns. The handspun doesn't have a "company" name on it, but it's Romney wool and my hands feel just wonderful fondling it because of all of the lanolin. What a wonderful gift!


Willow said...

That yarn is beautiful! What are you going to make with it?

I totally get and understand your obsession with Julie's bunnies. I try to imitate those little faces too and I just can't. But I keep trying.

Joansie said...

Love your bunny! and I found those seashells on the side interesting. Being from Maine, I am going to definitely check out that yarn.

Your post has inspired me to knit this morning but I should be doing housework

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw your photo, I thought 'Little Cotton Rabbits' (Malcolm can confirm this!) The yarn is gorgeous - you can never have too much yarn!!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, your little bunny is so cute! Like you, I was thrilled with Julie's cute bunny egg cozy last year. Maybe one day we'll be really lucky and she'll sell her real patterns!

Tracy said...

Too, too cute is that girl-bunny--LOVE here! Scrumptious yarn...mmm... What will you make?! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

You are not the only one obsessed with Little Cotton Rabbits ! I've been obsessed for a while, just haven't knitted anything yet ! Your yarns are beautiful and I love your little rabbit !

Rani said...

Are you making up the bunny pattern as you go!? That's amazing. I just broke down and bought a stinkin' pattern. There is NO WAY I could figure that thing out. Check out: bunty bunny rabbit with removeable dress
by Debi Birkin

if you haven't already.

ps. That Sweetgrass movie was really cool. I was laughing out loud when the younger cowboy got a cuss-mouth and had to chase those sheep back up the mountain. He seemed such a cool customer until that point. And then the big kicker - when he called out and was lamenting about his lame dog, tired horse and clicky knee and started to cry and then we find out he's talking to him MOM! I am laughing out loud right now! Oh my. Good times.

Glad you enjoyed Chicken people. Aren't they a funny bunch.

Another interesting one you can find on Still Life with Animated Dogs

JayJay said...

That is some beautiful yarn! I find yarn, fabric, and most crafting supplies addictive to the point where they defy reason, so enjoy your haul!

Even if they aren't quite as good as Julie's (according you, anyway), your bunnies really are extremely cute.

Ally Johnston said...

Your bunny is just a delightful and will no doubt be loved very much.

labatterie said...

I try to imitate those little faces too and I just can't.