Friday, October 15, 2010

Time to Re-Group

Sooo, it was the end of the quarter at my high school last week, and even after nearly twenty-five years, it almost did me in. If teachers, English teachers, at least, are honest, they will admit that they cannot possibly accomplish half of what's expected of them by administrators, most of the time. Strike that, most administrators don't care much about actual education, so the real problem is that teachers with a conscience, who want to truly educate their students, have to balance real teaching with fulfilling often mindless, time-consuming, state requirements. Most of time, I do pretty well with keeping my sanity, but this week, I didn't. I took today off, and I feel much better. When I was a little kid, I loved Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes." I keep expecting someone with authority to say about the current educational testing culture, ".. they have nothing on at all," but that will never happen because the "tailors" out there in education-land are making a fortune pretending that they're weaving cloth when they're actually full of crap.

On a happy note, it looks like our doggie may make it after all. You can see in the picture how his legs were shaven for his I.V.s.  His eyes are still bloodshot, but he's himself otherwise: lazy, ornery, and hungry much of the time. I really did appreciate the good thoughts that so many of my blogging buddies sent my way when I was so worried about him.

I've been working elegant empire sweater intermittently in the past couple of weeks, and I've felt a little apprehensive as I've come closer to finishing the second side. There was just something about the left side that didn't seem right. I figured out why I was feeling that this afternoon. Finishing the right side, I tried to match up the two sides of the back, and I realized that they don't match up. I'm off by at least ten stitches. I don't know what I did, but there's some unraveling in my future. Ravelry knitters rate this as an easy sweater, but I guess I'm just not careful enough. Oh well, when "knitting failure" happens, I look for quick success--a bunny. I called my last bunny a little amateurish, but I'd be falsely modest if I said that about this one. I love it. I used Julie's head pattern from her little Easter bunnies egg cozies, but I used Barbara Prime's  bunny pattern for the body and legs, with a few of my own alterations. This is the most satisfied that I've been with any of my bunnies. Now, I guess I better get to unraveling.


Willow said...

OK, I really need to get that egg cozies pattern!

I hear you on the school administrators and the current educational situation. Sigh. I don't think it'll get any better until 'some people' no longer make money at 'doing' education. Another sigh.

Just have a good rest and knit a little more.

Willow said...

Daniel S. That's 'my boy'! We've sponsored him for almost 7 years now since the inception of the project!

Beate said...

That little rabbit are so cute, and good to hear the doggie is ok again ;-)-Do you make the long or short version of the cardigan? It looks very elegant eather or. Good luck with the unraveling. I´m sure You must have had school related thoughts swhile doing the left side.
Then I must say: I looove your post.Making the compareness to H.C Andersens fairytale is clever. And so true. I nodded my way through it and what a good describtion of the am. school system. I thougth while over there: why do "they" make it so difficult , when it could be so easy?? Coming from the Scandinavian system it did not make any sense at all.Then I thought: well they do keep alot of jobs going on with all the filing, copying etc... And who are they cheating- them selves or the kids? Because I learned that the kids memorized their stuff for pop-Quizes and other weekly/ monthtly tests, for then to forget allmost everything about it again. ready for next chapter and quiz.
You are not insane! You are a true english teacher that loves to teach, but are stuck in a holy system of Bureaucracy. Good you`ve learned to take a day off when it gets too stressfull.Have a great weekend Karoline- and do well in you knitting.

Joansie said...

That rabbit is just as cute as can be.

I hope you will have the satifaction of knowing that some student thinks you are the best teacher he/she has ever had.

Anonymous said...

The rabbit is very cute! Our education system is going rapidly down the toilet! I made a mistake in the last little shawl I knitted, but I can't be bothered to frog it - so hopefully no-one will notice!

Rani said...

Hooray that the dog is on the mend. Poor thing.

The bunny is looking pretty darn cute.

They have bumped down our Minnesota tests down to first grade. FIRST GRADE!

JayJay said...

Cute bunny! I think your mods are spot on. I agree with you about administrators. It is the same at the university level.

Sorry to hear about the problem with your sweater. Unraveling is so upsetting at the time, but I'm sure the end result will be worth it.

Thimbleanna said...

Your little bunny is adorable! I've often thought about using the egg cozy head and making a body -- you did a fantastic job. Sorry about school -- why on earth can't we do something about these bloated administrations???

Caffeine Girl said...

I so appreciated your comments on schools. I'm a middle school teacher, and I agree with everything you said. Have you noticed that neither the public nor administration care what teachers think??

Jodi said...

Such a sweet little bunny!

Blech, administrators. They're not any better at the university level, and their paychecks are astronomical.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

Cute bunny.

Have you seen that movie, "Waiting for Superman"?

It's about our public school system in the United States, which, unfortunately, these days, really isn't that good.


Tracy said...

So very glad your pooch is on the mend... I hope he continues to be so! I've not been well for a while, and online a bit less, so I'm behind on visiting... Wishing you well as you continue through the school year. Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind thoughts. :o) ((HUGS))

WendyBee said...

Hi Karoline,
Had to come by and see you as your blog showed up in my blog stats. I'm not sure how that works, but I like it b/c it gives me more blogs to visit - generally of like-minded people. I love your little knitted bunny. And I'm glad Rowdy is recovering. I love beagles; when I was growing up I had a beagle-cocker spaniel mix (who looked mostly beagle) with the very original name "Snoopy". I still miss her.
Love your little bunny, and I want to give you encouragement in your teaching. Some of the favorite people in my life have been high school English teachers. And I have a son in high school now. I don't love all his teachers, but I suspect I would if they could all just teach the way they do best, and not be encumbered with all the administrative requirements.
Lovely blog!

labatterie said...

I don't think it'll get any better until 'some people' no longer make money at 'doing' education.ho