Thursday, April 04, 2013

Fighting Second Sock Syndrome

I've been fighting "SSS," and I think I may just win. The weather has been in the 70s this week and is supposed to be about the same next week, so I really doubt I'll be wearing these socks any time soon, but I'm happy to be near the completion of a project after so many false starts this winter. I even started a little bunny too. Of course, I had envisioned sending him to one of the new babies in our extended family in time for Easter, but that was just plain silly. Bunnies don't have to be seasonal anyway.

Of course, I've been shirking my grading obligations in my pursuit of knitting success. I often say that I "never take my laundry to school," making the point that work constantly overlaps on my personal life, but my personal life rarely overlaps onto my work life. Still, those papers won't grade themselves. I guess I'd better let the completion of my sock wait another night!


Willow said...

Oh, I do love your bunny!
Re: grading. My husband and I always say, "We teach for free. We get paid for grading papers."
I turned the heel on a first sock and now I realize that it is going to be too big. tink tink in my future.

Thimbleanna said...

Priorities, I say. Knitting before grading. As it should be!(Love those socks!)

Caffeine Girl said...

What beautiful socks. Definitely worth finishing!

Bunnies are not seasonal at all.

JayJay said...

Yes, grading is the one really tedious part of teaching. That and all the meetings. I NSS (no sock syndrome). I have needles, several skeins of sock yarn, and no socks yet. One would be an improvement. ;)