Monday, May 13, 2013

A Little Progress

It's not a particularly exciting project, but I can actually post a little knitting progress, for a change this week. Paige has been very insistent that we go up to see her at U.C. Davis to let her meet our new puppy. How long of a trip is that, you might ask. Well, on a good day, it's four-and-a half hours. That was obviously a ridiculous idea because little Rolly is only six weeks old and certainly not house or car broken, but, of course, the reason I have a sock to post today is because I knit for nearly ten hours this weekend, going back and forth between home and Davis. It really did seem like a bad idea, but it turned out fine, and Paige and Rolly were so happy to meet each other. We ended up having a wonderful little "Davis" weekend.
 It was the Davis Whole Earth Festival this weekend, which made us feel right at home since it reminded us of all it was lacking was the cannabis aroma that permeates many Humboldt County activities, but considering it's a college sanctioned festival, that makes sense. Paige carried Rolly around the whole time, and was pretty much mobbed much of the time, with innumerable people asking to see him.

After our jaunt around the Whole Earth Festival, we made a little stop at Let Them Eat Cake, which is a  wonderful little cupcake bakery. It has a kind of French atmosphere inside and the most delicious cupcakes. I had an "illegally blonde" cupcake and Paige had a "fleur de cel chocolate caramel" one. They were worth every calorie. Russ said he didn't want one, but we ignored his attempts at self control and bought him one anyone. It didn't last very long!

OK, so this picture was staged, but there isn't anything cuter than a worn out little beagle. Paige added the little stuffed toy for effect.
We ended our Saturday with a run along the Davis Avenue of Trees. Paige puppy-sat for us for about an hour, and we had a fun run, even though it was about 88 degree at six in the evening. We felt a little limited in our dining choices having Rolly along, but discovered that the Thai Nokon restaurant downtown didn't mind us having a puppy on the patio, so we had a great Thai meal of spicy duck, silver noodles and kum ka gai. Paige even came back to our hotel with us to spend the night so that she could spend a little more time with, I mean Rolly, ha, ha.
Rolly was once again a perfect traveler on the way home, although he wasn't particularly excited about having a collar and leash on when we stopped for coffee at our half-way point.


Anonymous said...

Rolly is a very silly boy! LOL

Love the picture with him sleeping!

Caffeine Girl said...

What a fun trip! You are indeed brave to travel with a beagle puppy.

I hope to see Davis some day. My son will be applying to go to vet school there, I hope!

Willow said...

Ha! cannabis aroma which permeates Humboldt--so true.
Rolly is sooo cute! poor little pooped puppy.
Thanks for the heads up about Julie's pattern being up for sale now! I knew she was working on it but I hadn't seen that it was ready for purchase. I'm off to buy it NOW.

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

Rolly is adorable! I think it's great to start them early in the car. Cute, cute photos!