Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Taste of Freedom Again

I'm not about to whine about how having an injured puppy can cramp your style since we're so happy he's doing so well, but....we hadn't been to the beach in over a month until yesterday. Rolly got his splint off last week and is doing really well. We still can't leave him though and have to watch that he doesn't get too rambunctious. So, we just took him to the beach with us.

Paige went along with us. (It's amazing what a bored college kid, home for the summer. will do for entertainment.) We had been telling her how good Taco Temple in Morro Bay is and had thought about taking her there, but we would have had to do take-out. Then I remembered that Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant is doggie-friendly; plus they have delicious seafood too, so that's where we went. Paige and I had the Mariner's Salad, which is packed with bay shrimp, and Russ had a seafood burrito, which looked awesome with whole scallops in it and other delicious looking stuff.

 After a stop at Giovanni's Fish Market for some scallops to take home (Um, the fact that the scallops were from Canada didn't dissuade me from buying them) and some smoked salmon, we headed over to the Los Osos Farmer's Market  for more food purchases. Our favorite purchases this trip: Dark Nectar Roasting Company coffee and Joycup Peanut Butter Cups.

The Dark Nectar guy had about six different flavors of coffee for us to try. I liked everything I tried, but I thought McPhee's Grill Blend was a great name, so we went with that. Paige and I fell in love with the candy last year. It's soooo good, with flavors like: Espresso Sea Salt, Lemon Blueberry, and Olallieberry.
 I get kind of annoyed when Farmers' Markets say, "No dogs," and then people are walking around with their dogs, but we were a little guilty of it this time. Russ carried Rolly the whole time, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't exactly kosher either.

 Gidget was happy to see Rolly home again. She hates riding in the car, or we might have considered taking her along too.

 Did I have something about this being a knitting blog in my title? Well, I'm back to knitting, feverishly even. Last fall, I received the most fun, unexpected gift. It was a "care" package from my friend Julie. It was an endless array of wonderful stuff, but my favorite item was two skeins of yarn from Glinda the Good Wool. It's called Frost in the Vineyard, which is totally cool to me. I've been looking for a pattern that was worthy of this yarn, and, believe me, I mean looked and looked. I finally found the perfect pattern: Ysolda Teague's Scroll Lace Scarf. The pattern is easy although I haven't yet memorized it. I feel like a knitter again!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful project! Looks like it will be all sparkly when it is done.

Rolly is such a sweetie, but growing way too fast. He won't be puppy looking much longer.

kathy b said...

YOu won the Blackhawks Visor in my giveaway contest!!! Send me your mailing address and some goodies are headed your way


Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

What a great outing for all of you! It's been ages since we've visited our favorite beach town.

Caffeine Girl said...

Welcome back to knitting!

I was practically drooling as I read this post. Seafood. Coffee. Candy. What more could a person want.

I'm glad that Rolly is healing faster than I am. I'm not the most patient person, but I am more patient than a beagle puppy!

Willow said...

Ohh, that is a beautiful shawl. And gorgeous yarn.
Since we are in the middle of the country, a LONG way from any ocean, I am just LONGing for the beach :)

Rani A said...

"Paige went along with us. (It's amazing what a bored college kid, home for the summer. will do for entertainment.)" hahahaaaaaaaa. I could apply that to my 14 year old...

dannajoy said...

Thank you for posting about our peanut butter cup company The Joycup Co. We also love Danny's coffees at Dark Nectar! Your knitting is beautiful...next time you visit, we'll have a "hot" Joycup with cayenne and chili verde sea salt in the peanut butter..with free samples! ~ Danna Joy