Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fun Weekend

I posted a picture of my "Little Cotton Rabbits" bunny earlier, but I forgot to post the picture with the little headband I knit for my grandneice, along with it. It was super easy, but cute, I think. I haven't been knitting much since this accomplishment. It's just so hot, and not conducive to wanting to work with wool, which is my favorite "medium."

I did consider bringing some knitting along with me this weekend for a little trip Russ and I went on, along with 26 students and 2 other teachers, but I had to drive a van, and I usually do all of my knitting on trips when we're driving. We all spent the night at a friend's grandmother's house...well, "house" is an understatement. It's a horse ranch up above Solvang. We left after school on Friday, dropped our stuff off at the ranch and rested a bit and then went to see Cyrano de Brgerac the PCPA Outdoor Theater in Solvang. They did a great job, as they always do, and even Russ stayed awake for all three hours.   

 The next morning, my friend's grandmother took us on a little tour of the ranch. She raises champion horses, and even though she's well into her 70s, she marched us up and down hills in 90 degree temps as if it was nothing.

Did I mention that we had 26 teenagers along? I still can't quite belief that our hostess, Maidy, was so generous. She has a beautiful home and didn't even seem to cringe as we descended upon her. Her dogs were also very accommodating, as long as someone was willing to toss their toys for them endlessly.

I can't remember her macaw's name, but he was happy to have us too, and even did a little dance whenever someone played the piano or accordion in the next room. What a fun adventure!


Tombstone Livestock said...

Always wanted to go to Solvang, maybe someday, but by myself, looks like a neat town to wander around.

Hope to see a post soon of some of your spinning on your new wheel.

Anonymous said...

What a neat place to go! I love the pictures of her macaw.

Long, long ago Steve and I had parrots. I miss their silly ways. (But, I don't miss their messy ways. LOL)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- sounds like you had a fun trip. I love to hear about 70+ year olds who are still very active. Love those cute little knits!

Caffeine Girl said...

What an amazing trip to take students on! I would love to do something like that, but budget cuts have pretty much eliminated field trips at my school.

WendyBee said...

Great trip. Love the parrot picture.
Oh, and I like your little bunny. It must be your website where I linked to "little cotton rabbits" from a while back. She has lovely things, so soft and pretty.

Willow said...

I'm sure those students were amazed at how active that 'old lady' was :)

Cute bunny!!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow! What an awesome field trip and the photos are lovely. I donethink I've ever seen a macaw in person. What a handsome creature. ~~Tee he'd hee... did You say teenagers ? and a bunch of them? Sounds like they're good kids though.