Monday, April 16, 2007

One More Bunny

I don't have bunnies out of my system yet. My daugher asked me why I was knitting toys when I didn't have any KIDS! What?? I have not found my family members to be suitably impressed with my bunnies, and I seem to need more praise than they think that I should. Luckily I have my "blogging" friends to pat me on the back. Thanks everyone!

I have been reading Friday Night Knitting Club for the last week. It's kind of good, not a lot of depth to it; but it's keeping me interested. I've read several other "knitting" novels, and they're usually pretty simplistic. Sometimes that's just what I need though.


a simple yarn said...

Consider this another pat on the back—cute bunny!

Wool Winder said...

Well, we think they are adorable.

Julie said...

Your bunnies are AWESOME! Yes, here's another virtual pat on the back. You don't have to have small children to appreciate the Easter Bunny - because there are a lot of middle-aged women buying stuff like this from Hallmark with nary a child in sight.

So you liked the book okay? I've been holding off on reading it - I didn't want to be disappointed and feel like some kind of literary snob when everyone else gushes over it and I find it to be dreck. I read one of the newer knitting mysteries a year ago (or so) and it was kind of blah and predictable, but people loved it! I appreciate your judgement with books, so perhaps I'll have to pick that one up -- from the library.

Janice said...

Your bunnies are adorable!!!