Tuesday, July 31, 2007

UFO Envy

I have a strange reaction to posts from people who are concerned about having too many UFOs. While they're seemingly chagrined over their perceived excess, I'm kind of jealous! Polly at All Tangled Up says she has over 50 unfinished projects, and Jenn at Knit n Lit has a picture of three socks that she has going at once. I usually only have one projct going. If I stop working on something, I 'll usually frog it before I'll start working on it again.

Today, I decided to change that. I don't want to have a million projects going at once, but it make sense to have a variety of projects that require different level of skill and focus going at once. I started some socks today from Socks, Socks, Socks They're called "Gull Wings," and they're pretty easy. I have one complaint. How come designers will say to pick up, let's say fifteen stitches fron the sides of the heel when they've only had you knit enough to have maybe ten stitches to actually pick up. I just don't get it.

I have to include a couple more puppy pics. I must, must, must convince Kai that one dog in the family is enough.


Anonymous said...

Dang cute puppies....but lordy....wouldn't want to raise one...I hear about all these pals and their puppies and think...having a baby would be easier!!

Heading to yellowstone in 4 day!

Julie said...

Those puppies? Very Cute. Only one dog in your house? Not anymore. But go ahead and keep on saying it. ^_^

Wool Winder said...

The socks look great! The picking up stitches thing is one of the reasons I enjoy short-row heels so much. I find having two or three projects going at once is enough for me. More than that and I feel overwhelmed and wasteful. I can't imagine having 50 UFOs.

Janice said...

That puppy picture didn't help my huge desire to get a puppy!! They are sooooo cute! I like having 3 or 4 projects going, as you say, with different levels of skill and focus needed. I'm also finding it nice to keep one in the car at all times so that I have it if needed.