Friday, December 26, 2008

2nd Day of Christmas

What have I done for the last couple of days besides eat and eat and eat? I've knit a cute little snowman. My friend who dog sits for us has a snowman collection. I've seen several cute patterns for snowmen lately, so I thought I'd try to knit one and give it to her. He's not perfect, but I think she'll appreciate him. I used the felted snowman pattern from mummble-jummble.I have a front-loading washer, so it's a little difficult to felt stuff, but I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

I also finished a couple of felted Christmas presents for my mom. I knit a flower hotpad and a knitted bowl. I followed the pattern from Knit Noel for the felted bowl, I had a little yarn left, so I thought I'd knit a hot pad. I found one on Ravelry. It was a pattern from Whimsical Knitting Designs. She didn't felt hers, but I thought it would work out well with my yarn, and I was right.
It kind of looks like I've been productive this week, but mostly I've been lazy but so have a few other people around here. Russ has probably read three books since vacation began, and the beagles always accommodate him by curling up to take naps with him as he reads. I'm ready to get back to running and eating a little less now, but it's sure been fun while it lasted. Her's a small list of our family intake: medisterpolse (Danish sausage), frikkideller (Danish meatballs), krinkle (Danish pastry), Danish puff pastry, rødgrød (Danish fruit pudding), and numerous cookies. Wow, I'm thinking that a little salad would be good for the next couple of days...or weeks.


Willow said...

Do I see a Danish trend there?

I too am ready to resume the activity regimen and consume fewer cookies!

I have a front loader washer too and I have the same felting issues. Another friend mentioned that with her front loader she felts on hottest wash with a couple of pairs of jeans thrown in to give the needed friction. I haven't felted anything since talking with her so I haven't tried it, but if I do I'll let you know how it works out.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Man and dog look super cozy, and so darned cute!

Would you be willing to share those Danish recipes? Pretty please?

Wool Winder said...

Lazy days are the best, especially after the hustle and bustle preparations of Christmas.

JayJay said...

Cute stuff! That snowman is adorable. I could use some more lazy days. We've been painting the living room and working on things around the house.

All that Danish food sounds yummy!