Sunday, December 07, 2008


I'm pretty sure that I haven't blogged for two consecutive days all year but I had to post my sheep pictures. When we took Kai to the orthodontist on Friday, we saw that there were a tons of sheep along the way to Bakersfield. Today when we drove over, I brought along a camera. The lambs are so fun to watch. They were running along in little "lamb gangs," I now totally understand why the words "frolic" and "prance" needed to be invented. Some of them were jumping up completely vertically and seemingly were enjoying being with each other. I've always loved sheep. When I was a kid, I remember that the shepherds would come so near our house on the edge of town that I could hear the bells on some of the sheep, and I'd run out to see them. Now, the sheep don't seem to be herded in the open much and are kept behind fences, but we do usually see sheep dogs out watching them. I could have stayd for hours watching them even though it was raining a little, but Paige and her friend had been promised a trip to Sephora, so they were a little anxious to get moving.

I knit a doughnut today.I've seen several patterns for doughnuts, but the pattern on Doortje's webpage seems the easiest. I suddenly remembered that I'd been planning to knit a "bakery" for my nieces. So far, I've knit four cupcakes and a piece of carrot cake. That's not much of a bakery. I'm going to try to really work on it this week.


Willow said...

Oh I love the little sheepies! Which is what my brother and I have always called the lambs we saw in the fields in Oregon.

Your Christmas bunny is adorable! I have three bunnies in various stages of 'development'.

Anonymous said...

Love the bunny in the xmasy dress....and the sheep/lamb pics are priceless.

We miss you and hope to chat soon.

Wool Winder said...

I love the sheep pictures. And at first, I thought you son was eating a real doughnut. Good work! You fooled me.

marit said...

Oh, the sheep are so cute! Lambing season starts in April here, so it feels odd to see lambs now:-)

Hege said...

Cute sheeps!
And the doughnut looks very real ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Man, that doughnut is so cool -- it looks like a real pink frosted one. And your little bunny is just adorable!

JayJay said...

That donut is fantastic! What a clever idea, knitting a bakery. Post a photo with everything when you finish.

Those sheep are adorable!

Sara said...

Haven't checked this in a while, glad you are showing off your talents. And the lambs photos prove you have your dad's great eye.
I will never forget a few years ago we were in Argentina, where the lambs have tails! they look like dogs. I guessed that we dock the tails in this country to keep them cleaner. Still cute as can be.