Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hack, Hack, Sneeze, Sneeze

I have about a gazillion sick days, most of which I accumulated during a long stretch ten years ago or so when we got paid fifty bucks for each of our ten yearly sick days ifwe didn't use a single one of them during the year. That practice has long since gone by the wayside, which is fine because fifty bucks is not enough money to bribe me into going to work if I'm not feeling up to it. I do take an occasional "mental health" day, but not very often, and I hardly ever am too sick to go to work. This week was different. I was kind of tired last Thursday, and I just felt like I needed a break, so I carefully planned ahead of time and took the day off. I guess I shouldn't have played hookey because I've been sick ever since, really sick, the kind of sick that you just sleep all day and feel like you're making a huge effort if you get up to get your own glass of water. Mostly my head hurt and I had/have a lot of chest congestion with a painful cough. Poor Kai had it even worse; he had the congestion and stomach flu. I kind of did a "every other day" work week, but I really should have stayed home the entire week. I sounded pitiful when I tried to talk, which, of course, is pretty important for an English teacher to be able to do. Kai seems to be almost back to normal and even made it to swim practice on Friday, but I'm still not feeling great. How sad to have all of the open time and not even feel like knitting. I did knit one more little heart though.
And during one of my rallies, I practiced crochet cast-ons with a picot edge. I knit a little hat, which is probably too little even for a newborn, but it was fun.

My biggest accomplishment of the week was a
Calorimetry for Paige. I didn't know if she'd like it that much, but she says she wants more of them now. That shoud help allay my guilt for not finishing her sweater that I started for her in November.


Willow said...

You could send the little hat to a foundation that knits hats for preemies...

I hope you feel better soon!

Wool Winder said...

I hope you're feeling better today. At least well enough to knit. Cute little hat and heart. The headband fits your daughter perfectly.

JayJay said...

Sorry you've been feeling ill. :( I hope you are 100% now. All your new knits looks beautiful. I'm glad Paige like the Calorimetry!

Keith said...

I sympathize with your illness but am also jealous of your stash of cash and sick days. Not to mention your knitting skills.

My Google alert for "sneeze" brought me here. It may momentarily distract you from your misery to hear about the new way to respond to a sneeze.

This response is easy to extend if one sneeze becomes many. It carries across a room and down the hall. It creates a whole new phenomenon when several people do it at the same time. You might not want word of it to reach your school, workplace or community, but there may be no way to stop it. All you may be able to do is delete this comment so you don’t contribute to the spread of the GAZOON HIGH TWIZZLE—a whistle after a sneeze. See it in animation at

Hope you feel better.

Hege said...

Hope you are feeling better now.
Great color on the calorimetry ;)

Rani said...

Brilliant! My daughter wants me to knit her something and the same for her doll. I LOVE the pink in your post. I believe I have some pink stash here somewhere. Gonna try my hand at the clariometry (did I spell that correctly?).

Thanks for the inspiration!