Friday, July 09, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Summer

I still haven't completely finished my garnstudio sweater, but I'm close. I saw some darling gingham buttons at Posy Gets Cozy, but I couldn't find if she said where she found them.
I ended up ordering some pretty cute, plastic buttons from ebay, but now I can't decide on what color to use. The green definitely doesn't look good, but I think the yellow or the purple have possibilities. I'd appreciate any input I can get since family is no help whatsoever!
So, the temperature are finally starting to feel like Central California in the summer. We had such a nice June that I almost thought we'd skip the 100 degree temps this year--Not! The beagles can't think of much to do except lie around sighing periodically, but we've been thinking that a short trip to the beach was in order. We took along our bikes and had a great little vacation for two days. One of the highlights was taking the Bob Jones' Bike Trail to Avila Beach for the first time on bikes. I've run it several times before in the City to the Sea Half Marathon when it used to go to Avila, but I much preferred riding it.

After spending a big part of the evening at the San Luis Obispo Farmer's Market, we took a little drive around Morro Bay before heading back to our campground at the state park.
This picture doesn't do justice to how pretty it was. We drove over by Morro Rock and looked back at the town with  all of the lights  twinkling. If we hadn't had an impatient teenager in the backseat, we would have sat there until it was completely dark.

I guess a lot of people would consider the "stacks" an unsightly addition to the skyline, but maybe cause they've been there all of my life, they don't bother me. It was always exciting to see the stacks as we were driving in on the freeway and to know that we were almost to Morro Bay when I was a kid.

We didn't sleep great in our tent. Fortunately, Paige wasn't with us. She spent the night with some friends who have a beach house about five miles from where we were staying. Otherwise, we would have hardly fit in the tent. I guess we'd forgotten how small it is...or how big the kids have gotten. Even though we have a blow-up mattress, it was still pretty uncomfortable. So, we got up early and took a little walk on the beach. I only found one sand dollar, to add to my forty other sand dollars I have spread around on display in the house.

 It must have been the cool weather, but I felt like knitting a lot for the past two day too. I've been working on these Paraphernalia Socks for a while. I'm knitting them for one of my ex-students who plans to go to college in New York in the fall. I jokingly told her that she was going to need wool socks when we told me where she was going, and then I thought it would be fun to actually give her some. I really like the pattern, but the wool is just O.K. I think it's Lorna's Lacis, which I usually love, but it just isn't smooth enough for this pattern. I'm not sure if that's what I mean exactly. I just don't like how the stitches are so...separate.


Rani said...

The socks are gorgeous! I will be putting that in my Ravelry queue (I just friended you by the way).

In my honest opinion regarding buttons - would you consider wood?

Otherwise, the purple, red and blue are contrast too much, I think. One of the pastels would be my pick.

My daughter is a huge beagle fan, so she really enjoyed those pictures.

Great trip pics! Sounds like you had a wonderful getaway.

corinna said...

great knitting
i esp love the buttons and sweater combo

the dog naps look appealing too
great for the hot afternoons

stay cool

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I LOVE those socks! Love, Love those cables! Sounds like you're having a good summer -- you're so lucky to be in such a beautiful place and near the beach. Oh, and I kinda like the little pink or yellow button with your sweater?

Joansie said...

Love the sweater and love the socks. I've added it to my Ravelry "favorites". Karoline, it's so easy to make those gingham buttons (or any fabric buttons). Jo'Ann's has the button "template", add the gingham, snap in the shank and you're done.

Anonymous said...

I like the second from top button - or you could just use all the different colours for a bit of fun! Super photos from your trip. We have had some rain today, but we could do with some more, we have had a prolonged dry spell, with water restrictions looming!

Wool Winder said...

I know you said the green button doesn't look good, but that's the one I like best in the photo. I think I would pick a color that blends nicely and doesn't compete with the pretty cable detail.

It's always cooler at the beach. Good idea to go there. Sounds like a nice trip.

French Knots said...

Your cardigan is wonderful, I love the colour and the cable detail. For a funky look I'd use the different coloured buttons like you have in the picture but mother of pearl buttons might look rather good with that shade of yarn too.

gibknitty said...

thanks for visiting me at my blog. i love the little sweater so much. it's beautiful. it looks like you are getting a wide range of opinions on the buttons so i will just add mine to the bunch. i like the orange ones!

JayJay said...

That sweater is gorgeous! I think the yellow buttons would look cute. The buttons are pretty cute and will work great on future knits too.

Your trip sounds fun. We would like to go camping, but the summer is going fast!