Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Success, After All

So, I think I do like the unfelted cream part of my first needle holder after all, but I really like my second try. I have a front-lead washer, so felting is a little bit of a challenge, but I'm happy with the finished product. Now, I just need to knit some smaller holders for my double-pointed needles.

I had planned to make my second needle holder a little larger than the first, but I ended up felting the second one more, so they're about the same size. I used wine cozy pattern from Dropped a Stitch basically, with a couple of alterations.

Felted Needle Holder


Using size 11 double-pointed needles, cast on 8, join and k 1 round.

Row 2: *k1, m1, repeat from * to end. 16 sts.
Row 3 and all odd numbered rows: k 1 round.
Row 4: *k2, m1, repeat from * to end. 24 sts.
Row 5: *k3, m1, repeat from * to end. 32 sts.
Row 7: *k4, m1, repeat from * to end. 40 sts.
Row 9: *k5, m1, repeat from * to end. 48 sts.
Row 11: *k6, m1, repeat from * to end. 56 sts.
Complete bases by purling 2 rounds.

Knit every row in the round until desired length, keeping in mind that work will shrink when felted. When work is the the height you want, purl two rows. Continue knitting tube until it is double the length of what you want you finished product to be. Bind off, and weave in ends. Felt. Fold half of the tube insde of itself, folding at the purls halfway up the tube; and dry.  The sides should be thick enough to stand upright stably.


Willow said...

I like them too! Did you say somewhere on your blog where you found the pattern?
I waved at you when we roared through the Central Valley on our way home from Portland...

Anonymous said...

I read this method of felting some time ago (I have never tried it - and perhaps when you read it you won't either!) Put the item(s) you want to felt in a bucket with some tennis balls and hot soapy water. Put the bucket in the shower (because it gets messy!) Take a plunger (the sort you use to unblock the sink). Get in the shower and pummel the contents of the bucket with the plunger until the desired result is achieved.
Have fun!

Rani said...

Don't they look so charming there together! Your wooden needles also add to the effect.

I have those god awful aluminum needles I inherited from my granny. Can't stand them and they wouldn't look as nice as yours.

Thimbleanna said...

Ta-Da! They both look great! I like the color too!

Willow said...

Thanks for posting the pattern! I think I'm going to make one (or two or three).

Yep, our AC was blasting all the way from north of Sac until we got on to the Grapevine. And we held our noses drivng past Harris Ranch.

TheBlackSheep said...

Looks good!!

Tracy said...

These are both VERY pretty! There are many ways to felt. I'm still learning too. I can be messy...LOL! It's great to be back here catching up with you after being away a few days MIA and being unwell... Happy Days ((HUGS))

Wool Winder said...

I think the second holder is perfect. Felting it longer makes a sturdier fabric and you probably needed that. I'm drooling over your Brittany black walnut needles!

JayJay said...

Those are pretty cute! That's a really nice idea for needle holders. I've avoided felting because we also have a front-loading washer.