Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cake, Anyone?

Looking back at some of my earlier posts, I realize that the main reason I used to have more posts was that I wasn't at all afraid of randomness, posting about cooking, hiking, reading, etc. I'm still pretty random at times, but I was trying to stick with knitting for a while, but what's the point of that? If I have a big project going, it may take weeks for anything interesting to materialize when I have so many other "exciting" things happening along the way.
For instance, I had another field trip this Friday with a different group of kids from my trip a couple of weeks ago, mostly consisting of our sophomore honors students, who stage a re-enactment of the trial of Louis XVI every year up in the mountains near our town. They all dress up and have various activities before the trial. They play games that people would have played during the French Revolution although I'm not sure that the French Jacobeans had pinatas, ha, ha.
A group of students fix a French dinner. We've had some incredible meals, thanks to some very helpful parents, (We're talking Chicken Cordon Bleu and Coq au Vin )  but this year's group didn't have a reputation for being planners or hard workers, so the other teachers and I weren't anticipating anything fantastic, culinary-wise, at least. They proved us wrong!
 The food was good overall, and one of the girls brought a cake that her "caker-decorator" sister had designed especially for us. It was a cake that only teenagers would fully appreciate. They did have a couple of arguments about who would get to eat the head though.
The students read A Tale of Two Cities before "Rev Fest," and every year I bring my knitting along, thinking that I'll be like Madame Defarge, sitting with my insidious knitting. Usually, though, I'm way too busy, and this year was no exception. But, I  have evidence of my good intentions, both to get a little grading done and to knit.
Although it is less than an hour drive for us to get to the recreation center in the little mountain town, where we have our re-enactment, my teacher friends and I all agree that we're always exhausted by the end of the day, so no knitting last night, but this morning, I not only knit, I nearly finished my tulip sweater. Knit Picks came through for me with my swish yarn, which was exactly the same color as my original skeins, that I had bought last year or even the year before.
I crocheted an edging around one of the sleeves, but I'm thinking about a picot edging. I like how that looks, even though I always have to look up how to do it, and I mess up a lot every time I try it. It's almost time to get out a crochet hook, I guess.


marit said...

LOVE that cake!!! You have excellent students:-)

The tulip jacket is really cute I agree with you- picotedgings would look really nice on this.

Have a lovely Sunday:-)

jessie said...

Great cake. My stepsons went as an executioner and a beheaded guy for Halloween when they were little. What a scene.

Beautiful sweater as well.

And seeing pictures of your son at the swim meet, well, it's so exciting when they win. It's nice to see great effort pay off.

Rani said...

YEAH. I agree. There are other things to share. I haven't touched my knitting in weeks. Sad. Very sad. And so the blog stands alone for too long.

That French adventure sounds like so much fun. What a cool experience for those kids.

What a darling sweater. Who is the recipient?

Anonymous said...

When I started my blog, it was about knitting and sewing, but I soon realised that I couldn't produce enough to post regularly, so I added 'living in the country' and posted photos of where we live, which proved to be very popular. Then I added food as well, so generally have have plenty to choose from for posts!
ps, love the cake!!

Kate! said...

Amazing cake! I love the head in the little basket!

Caffeine Girl said...

As a teacher, I am impressed by your approach to the French Revolution. That the students are so engaged proves that it's an effective unit!

Anonymous said...

I'm literally LOL at the cake. I love the guillotine guy in the black --- he has EVIL eyes. ROFL This is SO something my son and his friends really would have appreciated in Mr. Klongerbo's Lit. class.

Your tulip sweater is adorable.

Hege said...

Love the cake!
And the jacket is going to be so cute. Have a great week!