Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home Again!

I took the train up to see my mom for a few days this week, and had a good visit. She's in a rehabilitation hospital for at least another week, but the nurses and doctors seem optimistic about her "recovery." My mom has been in poor health for years, so "recovery" is a relative term.. We have to just be grateful for small victories. She still enjoys life a lot of the time although she could do without the pain and inconvenience of having to always use a walker. I've posted part of the reason for her heart attack spinning wheel. My dad was out in his shop working on it, and my mom thought she's just kneel down and pick up an earring she saw on the floor by her bed. She got lodged in the space between their bed and a wall and was stuck there for an hour. My dad checks on her constantly, except this one time, of course. That's kind of a sad legacy for my beautiful spinning wheel to take on, but my mom doesn't hold any ill will toward it, and I don't either!

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Rani said...

No no no. Your spinning wheel and your dad working on it has nothing to do with what happened to your mom. Put that out of your mind. You love her and she is getting older and that is all. Hard pill to swallow. Don't attach those bad thoughts to things you love. She would not want it that way! And it's a gorgeous spinning wheel!

And I'll say a special little prayer for her harmony and peace - and for yours and your fathers.