Monday, November 19, 2012

Typical Karoline Dilemma

I've had this dilemma innumerable times. I'll start a project, even a sweater or something that takes a lot of time and effort without being sure that I have enough yarn to finish the project. At least this time, I'm only talking about a small project. I bought Kristen Kapur's Twizz Mitts pattern earlier this fall and have been anxious to start a pair.  I thought I might have enough of the cashmere yarn that my friend Diana brought back for me from Montana, but I'm feeling a little unsure now. It's an easy pattern, but I've managed to mess it up at least four times and have had to re-start. Luckily, I had lots of time because we have a week off for Thanksgiving and spent our first day at the beach, which meant some serious "car" time.
 We started the day with a stop at Gohper Glen for some apples...and some cider....and an apple pie. I justified the pie purchase because Paige is usually our Thanksgiving baker, but she was thinking that she wouldn't make it home for Thanksgiving this year. Of course, this evening, she called me and said that she thinks she wants to come home after all since the Tahoe trip she had planned with her friends had fallen through. We're happy she may be coming home, and I'm sure I can find lots of other baking duties for her to perform.

After making a stop in San Luis Obispo at the Phoenix Used Book Store to see if they had any copies of Les Miserables so that Russ could re-read it before we go to see it on Christmas Day, we headed to Morro Bay for a little hike. We've hiked Black Mountain more time than we could every count, but we've never hiked it from the very beginning of the trail at the State Campground, which is quite a climb. It's not an easy hike, but it's a beautiful one. My only problem with today was that it went by too quickly!


Anonymous said...

I worry about running out of yarn EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.I.KNIT.SOCKS.

I have never run out of yarn. Not once.

Glad your daughter will make it home for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful celebrations. You know, there is ALWAYS room for TWO pies!

Thimbleanna said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your daughter home. As I near the end of knitting projects, I always look at the remaining yarn and think that it will never make it to the end. Somehow though, it always does!

WendyBee said...

Your knitting project looks gorgeous! Hope you have enough yarn.
I haven't read Les Miserables since high school, (and that was another century), and I'm excited to see the movie. I should get a copy and do the re-read before. Good movies out this season.

Rani said...

Toss the pattern/project aside for now. It sounds like the inspiration has blown out of your head (like when you let the air out of a balloon! HA!

Seriously. Grab that skein and knit up a cowl or a scarf. Or better yet, grab a crochet hook and make something completely frivolous and pretty.