Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Love the Central Coast

Russ and I like adventures a lot, but we're also creatures of habit. This Saturday's activities centered on one of our old familiar routines. I couldn't sleep very well on Friday night, so Russ let me sleep in until nine o'clock, which meant we didn't leave home until nearly ten, we really could have just eaten lunch when we arrived at one of our favorite little towns, Arroyo Grande. We almost always have to stop for coffee at  Cafe Andreinini's, so we postponed lunch by sitting in the sun there before heading for the Arroyo Grande Farmer's Market, which opens at noon.

Then, we headed over to The Village Butcher Shoppe. Everything we've tried from them has been delicious, but we went there to buy Kai their buffalo hot dogs. They're incredible. Oh, and why we were at it, we bought some raspberry apple sausage, some French breakfast sausage, and some tri tip.

I've been going to the Central Coast since I was a baby, but we've never stopped at a park along Highway 101 called Dinosaur Caves Park, just outside of Pismo Beach. We did yesterday, and weren't disappointed. We walked through the neighborhood a little bit too, trying to imagine how nice it would be to live in one of the little million dollar bungalows along the way. We don't even bother considering what it would be like to live in the small mansions nearby.

We ended our day in San Luis. It was nearly 75 degrees, and we almost got tired of telling each other what a beautiful day it was. Russ offered to wait for me if I wanted to visit the Nordic Mart, but I have more yarn then I know what to do with, so I let him off the hook. We celebrated my frugality by having another cup of coffee at the Bello Mundo Cafe, which was well worth the $10 we paid for two pour overs and a pice of lemon rosemary cake.

Did I knit? Of course, I did, but not anything worth sharing just yet. 


Rani A said...

Oh gosh, what a contrast to my weekend!

This line: It was nearly 75 degrees, and we almost got tired of telling each other what a beautiful day it was.

Brilliant. Made me smile. I hope I get to visit there someday. It sounds like just the spot I'd like to be to enjoy a cup of coffee and cake.

Happy knitting.

Anonymous said...

Your rocky coast is SO beautiful!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- 75 degrees, not to mention all that beauty. You're a lucky, lucky girl -- it all looks fabulous!

Willow said...

We did have a beautiful weekend, didn't we?
The Central Coast visit is just exactly what you needed. However, I can't believe you didn't go in to the lys. :) When I drive north, I'll look for those little coffee shops.

Julie said...

Absolutely gorgeous views. And that Russ - he's a keeper.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh nice photos ! All of that makes me want to go on vacation.

JayJay said...

Yes, we had lovely weather this past weekend! Love your photos. :)