Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Instant Gratification

I've always struggled with weight a little bit. I'm fairly tall and usually somewhat athletic, so I won't say that I had a huge problem, but it nagged on me that I was overweight when I exercised so much. A little over two years ago, I went to the doctor for a check-up and had high blood pressure, which I think now was more from current stress than a big health problem, but it scared me enough to start getting serious about eating well, and I cut out sugar from my diet in a big way. I'm mentioning this because I don't usually use food as a crutch to feel good anymore, other than to feel good because I like the healthy stuff I'm eating...or drinking. One of my friends says she heard that red wine was my diet secret, ha, ha.
Anyway,  since I don't try to get instant gratification from food anymore, but I occasionally have to find a replacement for that feeling.

I'm thinking that ordering yarn is my main instant gratification now. I'm not even gong to pretend that I have a plan for these three skeins of yarn. I just wanted to have them in my yarn admire. I've ordered a lot of yarn from Loopy Ewe over the years, and not just because they have such a nice selection. A big reason is how good is feels to get one of their packages.  The yarn is wrapped up like a present and there's always a little bag of tootsie rolls. My picture doesn't do it justice. Getting a package from the Loopy Ewe is worth celebrating.

Not to be disloyal to my good friends at Loopy Ewe, I did have another "episode" this week. I ordered two skeins of yarn from Eat, Sleep, Knit. I had jury duty last Monday, and brought my ipad along and was doing a lot of web surfing during that long, boring day, and discovered them. I obviously have a thing for pink.
Two of the skins are Lornas Laces and the other one is Dream in Color Smooshy. The bluish Lorna's Laces skin is called Humboldt, which is the  beautiful, forested county in Northern California where my parents live. I've already knit a little shawlette with a skein of Humboldt, but I started thinking that maybe she'd get tired to producing that color, and then I would never have a skein to just admire. Yes, I bought that skein purely for aesthetic purposes. I'm hopeless, and I don't even care.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty choices.

Hmmmmmm...I do tend to eat for instant gratification. Maybe I could make that switch to yarn too. BUT, we could end up drowning in yarn.