Monday, January 05, 2015

Enjoying the Last of 2014

 Russ and I have always liked spending time in Cambria a couple of times a years, but after spending a wonderful weekend with some friends, staying at the Cambria Pines Lodge in November, we've decided that we need to spend more time there. One of the main reasons is a new discovery for us: The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. Our first time running the trails there, it was warm and sunny, but last week, it was cold and windy, but still fun, in a "challenging" way.
 Russ paid for running down this steep hill too fast for a couple days afterwards with sore knees.

 Kai, who makes the two of us look like we're running backwards, came with us, and seemed to enjoy it a lot, even though he wasn't prepared for such cold weather. He was ready to go back up to Monterey and warm up.

There are interesting benches all along the trail, but this is one of my favorites.

There is one more reason that I like Cambria so much. It has a wonderful yarn shop called The Ball and Skein. I've been going there for years. It's recently moved and is even more fun than before, as in full to the brim with more yarn than ever. I made a stop there, ostensibly, to buy some circular needles I needed for a project that I'd brought along, but I walked out with two skeins of beautiful yarn. The purplish yarn is from Manos del Urguguy. The color is called Hortensia, which, for some reason, I think is awesome. The lighter colored yarn one Happiness from Kollage, I wouldn't call it luxurious, but it's close to that. It's just that it's too sturdy feeing to be luxurious. I'm planning to make a cowl for a friend with it, and it's going to feel so soft and cozy. Too bad it was almost 70 degrees today. Oh! One last neat addition. It's called Nit Wit Ridge, which is a local landmark in Cambria...a house made out of junk basically, but somehow kind of cool looking. 

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