Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A Little Gardening

It can get cold in Central California...really. I had thrown some overgrown chrysanthemums into this bucket and kind of forgotten about them a couple of weeks ago. Then it rained, and those poor discarded flowers kept blooming, peaking their faces above the water line, and then it froze, and they were still trying to survive. 
 Which is my segway for explaining why I needed to have Russ construct some little greenhouses for me if I wanted a winter garden. I love not having to water constantly and not struggling with insects and other summer gardener bains.
 My lettuce has been very happy with his efforts. Besides wanting to raise sheep and sit around knitting stuff from my sheep's wool, I would like to be a farmer. I'll have to be satisfied for now with my little raised beds. I have tons of lettuce and kale growing along with chervil.
 Last night I picked some of of my kale and lettuce to make a salad, and then I made a pesto with the chervil. It was quite good on Russ's homemade pizza crust, even though I'm not positive that it tastes that different from cilantro pesto, not that it matters. Chervil has a little bit of a licorice flavor. I guess it's a part of bouquet garni in French cooking.
 We added some red bell peppers, prosciutto, and Lamb chopper cheese from Cypress Grove to the pesto topping, and we had quite an awesome supper.


Willow said...

Mmmm, that pizza looks amazing! I wish I had a place for a greenhouse! A little jealous... :)

wildtomato said...

Your winter garden is lovely! Sadly, our winter garden didn't happen-we never got around to planting the kale and chard in time.

Thimbleanna said...

I'm so jealous of your growing conditions in CA. I can't grow cilantro to save my soul -- every year I try and every year it dies within a few weeks! ;-(

Anonymous said...

We haven't frozen here in Orlando yet, but a couple of weeks ago there was snow in Jacksonville.