Friday, May 04, 2007

Some More Bunnies

I have fifty pages of my Master's thesis now complete, which is good; I was never even called for an interview for the college job that I was so rushing to finish my thesis to qualify for, which is....not that bad. I'm glad that I had a reason to push myself to finish, and I'll have other opportunities to teach at a community college. My friend, who works at the college where I applied, thinks that I was probably screened before anyone who would have beem impressed even saw my stuff. The job description said you must have a Master's in English. Some secretary who doesn't even know me may have seen that I didn't have the Master's yet or that my degree will be in Humanities and didn't understand that Humanities includes English, and pulled me before the official screening. Or maybe I just sucked. I don't have a terrible job now, so I'm not that disappointed. I would have liked working nearly a month less and fewer hours though!!

I have not been growing as a knitter lately. Bunnies are so easy to knit, and I love seeing how they turn out. I knit a little white one and gave him a purple jacket, and I'm finishing a blue jacket for my latest one. I'm going to give him to my neice for Christmas with a Peter Rabbit book since he has a blue jacket like Peter wore.

Why do I have a picture of a tree on my knitting blog? No reason other than I'm so proud of this tree. It is a peach tree that has produced a real crop of peaches maybe twice during the ten years we've lived in our house. I gave the tree an ultimatum this fall. I told it (really) if it wasn't interested in producing peaches, it would be cut down. My husband, who usually carefully prunes it each year according to our fruit tree book instructions ignored it this winter in preparation for its new job as firewood. And you guessed it, it has loads of peaches on it. I'm not counting our peaches before they're...ripe because we do have these annoying Japanese beetles that sometimes get in our other fruit trees, but I am quite amazed.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you will most definitely have many other career don't beat yourself up over this just means something even better is waiting for you to find it !!! No worries!! So go shake your celebration of the fruitful season it is certain to be!!
Ann M.

Tracy said...

((HUGS)) Great work on the thesis...but don't despair, your opportunity will come! In the meantime keep knitting those sweet, comforting bunnies. A peach beautiful. Nothing like a home grown peach. I live in a colder climate where peaches are imported, hard, tasteless lumps. Your tree reminded me of the fruit orchards of PA, where I'm originally from, and how delicious & exicting the first plucked peaches are. Enjoy the fruit! Happy Days! :o)

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Good luck with the thesis! Sometimes happen, or do not happen, for a reason.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am starting to eat a few chewy foods - thank heaven!
What pattern are you using for the bunnies?
I know what you mean about giving plants an ultimatum - it usually seems to work! This was a hard winter on our plants here on Vancouver Island, but lots survived, so that is fine!

Janice said...

Great job on working on your thesis! What a lot of work! It will pay off when all is said and done!!
I love your bunnies. They look adorable.. What a great idea to give them with the Peter Rabbit book! You have a lucky niece!
I can't imagine having a peach tree... YUM! I love peaches. So glad your tree heeded your warning!!

Wool Winder said...

It's okay to knit only easy projects. The bunnies are so cute. How could you resist?

Julie said...

Wow - 50 pages. Do you just sometimes print it out and look at what you have accomplished so far and think about how amazing you are? If you don't you should. You know my Master's is in Humanities and I always feel I have to justify myself to people - because you say Humanities and they just don't get it that it is so much more comprehensive (sociology, history, philosophy, psychology) than a straight English Literature degree. So you know what I'm doing, right -- working towards applying for the Master's in English Literature program just so I can be understood. Keep plugging away on your thesis - I'm interested in reading it if you ever want to share!!

Laura said...

Bunnies: cute! Peach tree: yum. I'm so glad he decided to produce this year. Maybe thriving on neglect? It's been known to happen. LOL

P.S. I tagged you, but you have to come to my blog to see... ;-)

rohanknitter said...

Your bunnies are adorable. Thanks for linking to the pattern source - I've been looking for something like that for awhile.

Mary R. said...

Ooh, these bunnies are lovely!