Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Having Fun with Comments

Oh! Oh! I'm feeling some pressure. I had ten comments on my last entry. That's the most I've ever had for one post. How exciting! It's funny, I've been reading a couple of the "popular" blogs, and they've been writing about these rude comments they've been getting. I find it almost comical. My experience has been so positive. What level of "curmudgeon-ness" have you reached when you want to attach someone on their knitting blog? What is causing all of this "tension" on these blogs? (pun intended) I think I don't really care. I don't want to have a bazillions comments. I was very happy with having ten comments from my great blogging friends who I have an ongoing connection with. The people who have the "high-powered" blogs can't possibly be interacting with all of the 50 or more people commenting on their entries, which is totally fine. It's just different from what I see as the perfect blogging expereince. I've just never been much of a joiner. I don't want to be part of a fan club, leaving a comment on someone's blog who will almost certainly not respond to me. I guess this was a boring way of saying that I really like the people who I check on regularly and who check on me. They inspire me, entertain me, and make me feel good about my piddly little knitting projects. And just make me feel good in general. I forgot to brag earlier that Tracy at Pink Purls nominated me for the schmooze award. I am very honored:)

I finished my Gull Wing socks and self-striping socks a couple of days ago. I also started some socks with my Panda cotton yarn. I'm pretty sure that I saw somewhere that someone had used hedera from the spring issue of Knitty, even though the pattern calls for merino wool, so that's what I'm trying. I also remember reading that Panda cotton splits kind of bady. It does. So far, it's no really bugging me. I've just never had to deal with that so much before. Something that I do like about it is that it's stretchy. I'm trying to work on Christmas presents, but I think I'm going to keep these for myself!

I am sad to post a few pictures of my current scenery. (Actually, these pictures are more dramatic than what we can see. Our air is just filthy, no flames are visible.) A fire started way back in July near Santa Barbara, which is eighty miles from us. It has been burning ever since (yes, more than a month!), and is making our skies look like a thunder storm is approaching. The only thing is that it'snot clouds, it's smoke. It's very strange and unsettling. I work with several people who are watching the fire very closely because it is several miles from their homes near the mountains. My town is not in any danger but we may have to offer our high school gym to the residents of New Cuyama, small town about twenty miles from here, as they may have to be evacuated.


Tracy said...

Oh, my...those last photos...makes me sad what is happening all that burning...On a lighter note though, I was so happy to give you that award! :o) You have a terrific blog and I love stopping by to see what you've been up to and read what you have to share. I agree with what you are saying about blogging and comments. I've long felt that it's quality, not quantity, that matters most--a close knit round of friends who genuinely care about one another, what they're doing, and sharing life experiences. And you do that so well here--keep on blogging! ((HUGS))

Wool Winder said...

Both pairs of socks turned out great!

Knittings Nice! said...

Oh...those photos are irksome...always seems to be some sort of devastation going on in the world.
Liking the socks by the way.
Today am off for lunch with my preegie with twins DD and then I am going with her for her scan....so excited. The last scan showed on of the twins looking at you as if looking out of a window with boths hands either side. laters x
ps. quite agree with your sentiment re blogs...only get few comments myself...but the ones I do I really appreciate...so thank you.

Suse said...

Oh dear, those scenery shots look like my shots from our last summer. So sad.

On the other hand, your socks are beautiful!

Janice said...

I so agree about the whole comment thing!! I feel like I've made great 'friends' through my blog and I love to 'visit' them and hear from them often.
Both pair of socks turned out great!! We are getting close to sock wearing weather here in Iowa and I've never been more excited for it! (I have 3 pair ready to wear....) I've heard the Panda cotton makes yummy socks. I can't wait to see yours made up. (and hear how you like them!)
Those pictures are something else! I can't imagine a month-long fire!

Julie said...

Eek - that is scary. Actually those pictures look like the fallout from a volcano. Hope you keep safe - and hats off to the firefighters, that's a tough job. I agree with you about the bloggers and their comments. With some bloggers you get the feeling that you are back in high school competing to see how popular you are. I am too old for that, seriously. Long ago I realized that it is much better to have many acquaintances but just a select circle of close friends. Plus you wonder if some of these people are the ones who can't go anywhere alone - those who have to travel in crowds. I am glad to have gotten to know you, and that alone is worth 50+ comments in one day (or Lorna's Laces sock yarn - take your pick). ^_^