Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My New Friend Aran

I'm happy with my knitting project again. I decided to try Lori Gayle's Aran Sandal Socks from Socks, Socks, Socks.I have tried that pattern several times in the past and gave up every time. I didn't understand a couple of the stitches, and I was using some yarn that kept breaking. I still loved that pattern, and I now finally get it! I'm using the Cherry Hill Sock yarn that I bought this summer in Nebraska. I even have the pattern memorized, except for the center cross pattern.

We went to the beach on Saturday, and I knit for the hour and a half it took to get there. I didn't really knit that much while we were there, but I did knit a little while I was waiting for my clam chowder at Brad's in Pismo Beach. We don't usually spend much time at Pismo. It's closer to us but also more crowded, although those of us who love the Central Coast have a different idea about what crowded is than Southern California beach lovers. We went to our favorite "apple stand," Gopher Glen and bought um...thirty pounds of apples.

Another reason that I am enjoying knitting these socks so much is that I am listening to Anne of Green Gables as I knit them. I haven't joined the Anne of Green Gables Along yet but plan to, so I thought I'd get started reading "Anne" for the millionth time. Then I realized that I couldn't knit while doing that, so I found a podcast. The reader is Annie Coleman, and she does a really nice job. I've spend several relaxing evening just knitting and listening. I won't be doing that tonight unfortunately. I have to prepare for the class I'm teaching on Wednesday nights. Yeah, the one that has over thirty students in it that I've never taught before.

I took my socks outside to take a picture of them and noticed something unhappy. There is still ashe from the fires all over the place even though Russ hosed everything off a couple days ago and the skies don't look smokey. I guess I'm breathing that in when I run in the morning.


Julie said...

I'll have to check out that Podcast for Anne of Green Gables. I'm ashamed to say I've never read it and there are so many books out there that I feel I've missed. Have fun with your class tonight - you should do fine. And I really like that sock pattern - and the color of the yarn (and how it coordinates with the shirt you're wearing!)! Are you knitting those for yourself or for your daughter?

Wool Winder said...

Beautiful sock pattern! I have that book. Need to check it out.

Tracy said...

I've long loved the stories of LM Montgomery and have thrilled to Anne Green Gables for years...great to know it's a podcast! Love the fun, fresh color of your new sock knitting. Have fun with your class--it'll be fun! Great photos! Happy Days ((HUGS))

marit said...

I joined the Anne-read/knitalong...just hope I can get the books( and ALL of them) at the library, I'd like to read them to my daughters!
Lovely beach, and nice to see a photo of you:-) Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Great looking yarn and socks!!

Looks like a fun lunch spot, that I would like to go with you. and that beach looks just about perfect to me.

Take care my friend.
Ann M