Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gearing Up for Summer

I never knit very much during the summer. It's funny because all year I try to grab moments to knit, often knitting at 6:00 in the morning, watching the clock until the last second I can put off getting ready for work. Fortunately, my three minute commute makes that about 6:55 a.m.. As an amateur phychologist, I'm pretty sure that the reason I crave knitting during the school year is that it represents free time, and I don't usually feel like I have enough of that, even though I have much more than I used to have. During the summer, I usually have at least a month where I have nothing to do but relax and occasionally clean the bathrooms if we're home; and relax and go out to eat if we're traveling somewhere; so while I still enjoy knitting, I'll often go weeks without picking anything up to knit. Another reason I don't knit as much during the summer is the HEAT! We're having our first taste of it today. It's supposed to be 88 degrees, and we're worn out after working in the yard for just a couple of hours. What will we do when it hits 100?

Socks, even wool ones, aren't' too bad to knit when it's hot, but I don't feel too inspired to do that usually. This year, I think I'd better change that, since I just spent a bunch of money on sock yarn. The light purple yarn is from the Hill Country Yarns Sock Club. I received it several weeks ago, but that didn't deter me from ordering more Lorna Laces purple sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Yes, those are two different shades of purple. One is called "blackberry" and the other is "grapevine." I swear they looked like they were different on the website. Don't get me wrong, I still love them, but they are basically the same color. This fact did not surprise my daughter, who likes to point out that when I like an item of clothing, say a blouse or shirt, that I'll buy two, three, sometimes four different colors of it. She thinks this is ridiculous....I don't.

I also bought some pretty maroon yarn from J Knits I thought that color was really pretty, but the main reason I bought it was that its called "Indiana," and my sister lives in Indiana. Guess what she's getting for Christmas again...socks!

For a long time I didn't know what the word "frog" meant, but I'm quite familiar with it now! I frog a lot. That would explain why I don't have a lot to show for the week since I posted last. I did start Paige a pair of Tyrollian stockings from the Fall 2007 IK. I can't remember the name of this yarn, but, of course, it's Lorna's Laces. I just love the way her yarn feels. The pattern looks kind of complicated, but it's very easy, and I'm enjoying it. They're knee socks, which would look horendous on me, but Paige is blessed with her dad's skinny ankles. her feet aren't so beautiful, but her legs are...yet another reason that her father and I keep close tabs on her and more specifically on her associates. She makes pretty good choices, but it doesn't hurt to know that your parents will be checking on you can be a bummer
having your mom teach at your high school, except for when you need lunch money or to have someone rush home to get your team uniform, or you need to have your fieldtrip form signed ten minutes before the bus is leaving...or when you just need a little hug!

This has nothing to do with knitting, but here's Paige and her date for prom. They are going to an nice restaurant in Bakersfield for dinner with eight other couples and then they will go to the Prom back here in Taft They wil then stand around and occassionally dance. You may read about kids spending hundreds of dollars on Prom. Paige borrowed her dress and asked us for thrity dollars, just in case. That seems pretty good to me....except for the fact that the boys are paying for a Hummer limosine to take them to dinner. So, I guess I don't get to look at popular culture with too much distain since we seem to beright in the middle of it, at least tonight.


Willow said...

It's warm here today too. We have the Santa Ana winds blowing in from the desert. I bought 8 tomato plants but won't plant them until closer to sunset; just too hot out in the back garden.

I am a 'buy two if it fits and you like it' person, too. Cuz I hate to shop.

Hege said...

How different the world is - here we woke up thrilled because we have +3 C instead of -degrees ;)
we seldom get it warmer then around 25 C (78 F) during summer. If it reaches 30 (86 F) I feel like burning up.

I think your yarn is in beautiful shades. And I really like the pink one ;)
Hop your daughter had a great time ! We don't have proms here in Norway.

Julie said...

Those purples are TOTALLY different colors. Not the same at all, and I'm telling you this not as an enabler and friend but as someone who is able to differentiate between colors on a spectrum. ^_^

Paige looks gorgeous! (And I noticed that her date's tie is yet another shade of purple -- just reinforcing your argument.)
Paige is a triple threat teen - smart, beautiful and thrifty - way to go.

I think you're right about the stealing time argument. I find that when I'm in a class I want to read books for pleasure and it's mostly because I HAVE to read books for class. When class is over I almost feel as if I'm adrift and don't know what to read.

Anonymous said...

My niece is growing up!!! She just looks adorable. (naturally)....I am kinda shocked that she is that thrify...but very proud. I LOVE the blue/purple yarns...they are gorgeous...inspire me to paint something those colors...


Wool Winder said...

I knit year round, but I'm not motivated to knit cold weather projects now that it's warmed up. I'll probably focus on baby gifts, preemie hats, frivolous bits of knitting and maybe some socks.

Your daughter looks beautiful. She's smart not to spend a ton of money on prom. You're a lucky mom.

TheBlackSheep said...

Oh how glad I am not to be in Ca. right now!

It is not weird to buy the same article of clothing in several colours. It's also not weird to byu it in the same colour. It's good to have reserves for when fashion changes to something totally horrid and there is nothing in the stores worth buying. She will understand this one day. I promise.

You need to free your inner knitter, branch out and make yourself a sweater. I promise I'll help if you get stuck. :0) Only...wait until fall to start it. A sweater in CA in summer is not a good idea.

monica said...

We were chilly here the last few days, but are promised a warm up soon. Personaly, I like the cooler weather.

I love the yarn and I can see a distinct difference on all three of them. And you can never have to much purple .... right??

Yeah!!! Go Indiana. I am sure your sister will love red socks and you will love knitting with the J.Knits.

Your daughter looks lovely in her prom dress It is not until May here.

Tracy said...

The prom couple lovely beautiful! Hope they had a great time. :o) Paige's dress is beautiful. I noticed while home in the State last month that the dress in the shops for prom this year were short dress. 89 degrees...It's 50 here today, so that seems like a huge treat! It's supposed to be spring here in southern Norway, but I'm not sure, it still seems ages away. LOVE, love, love all your juicy yarns...those purple hues are delicious!! I knit year round, but prefer lighter, easier projects in lighter yarns in warmer months. Happy knitting ((HUGS))

JayJay said...

This past weekend it was so warm here our air conditioning ran almost nonstop!

Love the sock yarn, even if it is all purple. I purchased a bunch of cotton yarn to work on stuff for summer. Of course, with a new baby I'm not sure how much I'll actually get to. Thankfully it doesn't spoil. ;)

Your daughter looks lovely. I hope she had a good time!

Knittings Nice! said...

Hi....loving the beautiful coloured yarns...and DD looks lovely. The yarn used on my shawl is Sandesgarn Isu...Hope your keeping well.

Britt-Arnhild said...

The blues in the first photo are just smashing......and so is the couple in the last ;-)

Janice said...

Love all the yarn. I can totally see the difference in colors and they are all beautiful and stash worthy! Your daughter looks beautiful and happy with her prom date. My daughter borrowed a dress for prom and had a friend do her hair. Gotta love thrifty daughters :-)