Thursday, September 14, 2006

Booking Through Thursday

  • Do you tend to read more books written by one gender over the other? I definitely lean toward reading books by women, not because I chooe women writers intentionally. It's because women are more likely to have women as narrators or as main characters and I am more likely to identify with female characters. One of my favorite books is Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. The main character isn't much like me but I feel connected with her. She's more messed up and tougher than I am and also more independent in some ways, but she's also fairly successful academically but feels like a loser sometimes, which I can totally identify with.

  • If so, which one? Men? Or women? Is this a deliberate choice? Or just something that kind of happened? It's just something that usually happens. I started out reading books like Little Houe on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables when I was young, and I still like books about girls or women on "journeys." The types of journeys have just changed some as I've gotten older.

  • And (without wanting to get too personal), is this your gender? Yep.

  • I love Thursdays! I usually have the entire afternoon and evening to do what I want after I've done a little clean up around the house. I got sidetracked today, but I still almost finished my Fetching fingerless gloves. It was such an easy pattern. I think they'll be cute when I've blocked them. Mmmm. I also think that it's about time for a manicure.


    Mimi said...

    Your fingerless gloves look so cozy! I have to add some gloves in my fall list.;)

    Mama Bear said...

    Very nice. What yarn did you use?