Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

When I was a kid, I always loved long car trips because I got to read the entire time. Later, I also enjoyed, you guessed it, knitting for hours on end. I had one of those great days today. We decided to spend Labor Day at the beach so that meant almost two hours of uninterupted knitting. Living in the Joaquin Valley during August is hardly ever pleasant, but it does help you to appreciate places with nice weather all the more. After a little visit to the Starbucks in Paso Robles, we headed towards Cambria on Highway 46. We stopped at Sycamore Farms one of my favorite places to wander around, even when I don't buy anything. I like looking at all of their herbs usually, but today everything looked pretty tired. There was also a minor technicality that prevented us from buying anything. We were there at 10:00, and the shop itself didn't open until 11:00. We thought it was awfully quiet around there. We hadn't noticed the sign when we drove in. We spent a little time at the beach at Cambria and then we went out to eat at Robin's. It always smells so good walking by there, and today we discovered that the food tastes as good as the restaurant smells. Russ says that Robins is her new favorite restaurant. And what do you know, The Ball and Skein Knit Shop is right across the street. I went in on the pretext of buying some stitch markers, but then I saw some beautiful Nashua yarn, which I fell in love earlier this summer when I bought the yarn for the bunny slippers. I plan to knit Paige and me some of fingerless gloves. Paige, uncharacteristically chose red, but I stayed true to form and chose pink and green. We ended the day with a final trip of the season to the Los Osos Farmer's Market and then on to Avila Beach. Avila has changed so much in the last five years. It used to be such a sleepy place. Now it''s full of hotels. I still like it though. We noticed the shark sign as we were drivingin. I hadn't noticed it before. It was over three years ago that a woman was killed by a shark while swimming near the pier. We had been there the week before with Ann and Sam, kind of freeky. Paige says that she would still boogy board there.

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Wendee said...

Looks like a great weekend! You kids are adorable - I'm glad your daughter still likes to road trip with her parents. I was transitioning into my "terror" phase right about her age - my mom needed to stand at least 10 feet away at all times. Looking back, my behavior was a bit embarrassing... Glad you're aboard on the Fetching KAL! I gifted mine last night and they were a big hit! Such a great knit-up.