Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lazy Sunday

I'm almost finished with my current sock project. I had planned to spend yesterday knitting at my daughter's volleyball tournament, but the accommodations were less than perfect, as in squeeze into a spot on the gym floor right next to the court and hope that the ball doesn't hit you not perfect. I still got some good knitting time in after we got home and I took a power nap.

I made our kitty the felted kitty bed from Wendy Knits last spring, and she loved it after initially ignoring it for several days, of course. I decided to wash it one day, and then she decided once again that she wanted nothing to do with it. I got it out again yesterday and put it on the table in an attempt to dissuade her from sleeping on the tablecloth. She loves it again although it is now a might small. I think that I either shrunk it or Josephine is getting even fatter.

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