Friday, January 12, 2007

Sheep Dreams

My in-laws always give my husband and me money instead of gifts for Christmas, which I appreciate greatly. This year, I bought one of those Dickens Village "houses" that I've never had any interest in at all..until now...because I saw one that was called "Wool House." I had to get right on ebay and end up paying $30 for a cheap piece of ceramic that was probably made in China. I just love things associated knitting, but It gets kind of ridiculous at times.... but it has a little light inside that you can turn on in the evening. It's just plain cute!!

My second purchase was a pair of sheep pajamas that I discovered in the Woolrich catalog. They're on sale right now for 50% off! I already have several pairs of flannel pajamas, but I am sleeping much better in these new ones! Now all I need to do is to knit some of those fiber trends felted clogs that everyone seems to be doing.

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Mama Bear said...

Love the sheep pajamas!

Sorry for the multiple posts, but I'm behind on reading blogs!