Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mittens, Gloves, and Birthdays

Today is my daughter's fifteenth birthday. It's such cliche to say that I can't believe it, BUT I can't. She was sick yesterday and not feeling the best today either, but she still seems happy. This is the first year that we just gave her money. Of course, it was partly because she couldn't think of a single thing she wanted. No...not becasue she's so unmaterialistic (although she's pretty good about that) it's because we went way overboard for Christmas!! I truly have loved every stage she has gone through, not that some haven't been challenging!! (You'd agree with that, wouldn't you, Ann?) She was such a cute little girl, and I loved dressing her in little "girly" clothes. I even managed to knt her quite a few little sweaters, which amazes me considering that I was teaching all day. It helped that her dad was home with her USUALLY taking care of the household stuff. I remember that I used Brown Sheep wool for the pink sweater, but I don't know of the origin of the blue sweater's yarn. My mother-in-law bought it at a yard sale, and I lucked out because it's quality yarn, maybe had some angora in it. I've given away most of Paige's baby sweaters but I kept these two to be nostalgic over.
I've been working on some easy little mittens for my six-year-old neice for Valentine's Day. I thought the pink stitches kind of look like hearts. Nice mindless knitting.
I'm also working on some cashmere fingerless gloves. I'm knitting them for a sad reason. I 'm making them for a good friend whose eighty-year-old dad was recently killed in a car crash. You just don't expect that...not that you ever do, but it was about the last thing I expected to hear, especially since her mom has been battling cancer. My friend, Jill and I went to England together our senior year in college, and we both bought fingerless gloves in London. They were so cool in the 80s. I lost mine when we got back to the States, but I don't know if Jill kept hers. No matter what, they're mightly old by now. I thought it would be a kind of comforting gift maybe. I have to admit that I haven't even spoken to her yet. I just found out last week from another friend who lives in the same town as her parents in the Midwest. The pattern has you use a provincial cast-on. I had so much trouble with it, but I finally found Freegle's blog which has great directions. I'm going to check on her regularly.


Mama Bear said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I look at my granddaughter and it seems my daughter's should still be that small.

The fingerless gloves tied to those memories sound like just the gift!

Knittings Nice! said...

sjfwtHappy birthday to your daughter, my two are nearly 27 next month and 30 in Sept...where the times gone I just don't know..its very frightening. The eldest is 7 months pregnant with her 3rd baby..3 under 3 phew. and my baby as I call her is trying for her family.
Regards drop spindle....erm...jurys out it drove me up the wall and I thought I was going to love it so...but am more intrigued now as to whether or not I can do it or whether to just go for the spinning wheel and see if I can do that..but then its expensive if I don't like that either. Its lovely you kept the memory cardis.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! They do grow up much too fast, yes it does sound cliche, but you think back to when they were little and it feels as only an instant has passed. I think knitting those fingerless gloves is a perfect gift. It sounds cliche (again) to say you've knit love into each stitch, but that's exactly what you're doing. You're also taking her back to a time when she was happy and her dad was still alive. We live for our memories because they can comfort us. Just like your gloves.

nicole said...

Hi Caroline,
I just thought I'd visit your blog and say hello since you were nice enough to come see me at cocoknits. Those cardigans are charming, especially the blue one. Happy birthday to your big girl!