Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's Go Skiing

It hardly ever snows where we live. I mean as in it hasn't really snowed in seven years. We can see the snow on the mountains though and could drive up to it in less than an hour, But we never do. We're more "beach" people. It just seems like a hassle to get together all of the necessary ecoutrements to drive a hour to get cold and wet. On the other hand, I always feel a little guilty that my kids have hardly been "to the snow." So, tomorrow we are fixing that situation. We are going cross country skiing at Sequoia Naitonal Park, which is about three hours away. We're even staying at the lodge there. I got out some of our old woolen socks, mittens, and hats that I knit a long time ago out, and we're planning to stop on the way to buy a couple of sets of gloves since Russ and I don't have any good ones. The kids have gone downhill skiing on school trips a couple of times lately, so they're better prepared than we are.

Rowdy, the beagle is going to his "dog parents for the weekend, so we're set.....I think.


Julie said...

I can send some of my snow your way if you'd like!

Mama Bear said...

The trip sounds lovely! I hope you are having a wonderful time.

I do understand the getting everything together stuff. When we lived where it only snowed sometimes, I felt the same way. Here we are all set up for it, and it makes a difference.