Thursday, February 01, 2007

Busy Week..again

I don't have any exciting knitting news to report although I have knit a lot this week...and frogged a lot. I almost finished my first glove for my friend Jill. When I tried it on, it just didn't look right though. The cuff went way up my arm, so I thought about it awhile and then frogged the entire thing. I also frogged my niece's mittens because I didn't read the directions right...twice. So I'm back where I started from, but that's OK. That's why I love knitting. When you mess up with sewing you have a mess on your hands. It's impossible to "uncut" fabric. With knitting, you can make the bad stuff all disappear.

Another reason that I don't have much knitting to report is that I now have thirteen pages of my thesis complete. I mean thirteen pretty much perfect pages. I'm aiming for sixty, but I'm still starting to feel like I might make it. I'd like to make it to twenty this weekend and finish the entire thing by mid March.

OK, and here's my other reason that I haven't knitted or blogged much this week. I had a medical "adventure." I woke up yesterday with this weird rash all over my left hand. It looked like broken blood vessels more than a rash really. As is my usual response, I kind of thought I'd ignore it for a while. So I went to work, but then I started worrying about it and tried to make an appointment with my GP. He was on vacation, so I decided to go to "Urgent Care," our town's answer to the emergency room, kind of. I had to wait about an hour, but a really nice doctor came to check me out and asked all the perfunctory questions. No, I hadn't changd detergents or taken any new medicine, etc. Then he leaves and comes back with a stethoscope, and says something like, "Well, let me tell you my concern. This looks like "capilarosis" or something ike that. It means rupture of the capillaries, and it can sometimes be related to blockages in the heart valves. Well, I neglcted to tell him that I'm awful squeamish about doctors mentioning I have internal organs in any way.

I did manage to warn him that I was getting dizzy, but the next thing I remember was him yelling, "She's back!" Yep, I fainted and I guess I was out a while because he said that he was calling for adrenaline. He was pretty careful with me after that, and so were the girls who tried to take my blood in both of my arms and my left hand, to no avail! I have low blood pressure anyway, and I guess my blood just wasn't going to flow for them. I went to a lab in the afternoon and finallly did get my blood work done with no problems. So, I was pretty unsettled last night even though he said that my heart sounded fine when he listened and that chances were that he would never know what caused it. I'll get the results of the blood tests on Tuesday, so I'll just have to wait.

I don't know if I've ever mentiond that I'm a runner....jogger. I run three or four miles four mornings a week. I used to run a lot more, I've even run three half-marathons; but I'm not up to that mentally anymore. I know that runners can have heart problems, but I think it's pretty unlikely. Our cross country coach at school had a heart attack last year, and he's about as fit as they come though. Anyway, I feel OK today..Oh, I forgot to mention that I went back to school and taught two classes yesterday too. I've got some weird issues about that. Somehow this kid who used to ditch school ( know like orthodontist appointments that took all day) quite regularly has turned into this person who hardly ever misses work.

So there is my story. I've turned this into one of the types of blog entries I usually pass on by, ones with lots of text and no pictures. Oh well, maybe by Sunday, I'll have some beautiful gloves to show off.

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