Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My doctor thinks I had viremia. It means a virus in the blood, which could account for me feeling so achey a few weeks ago. The rash is all gone now, so he says my body took care of it. A friend at work has another diagnosis. She wonders if I didn't sleep on my arm, and that caused the capillaries to burst. Sounds plausible to me. Anyway, I feel pretty good although still not entirely great.

I did a little search this evening for knitting stores in Davenport Iowa. I was reading a story last night in one of those Knit Lit books, about when that person first learned to knit. I think my aunt originally taught me, but she also introduced me to "real" yarn. I remember her taking me to a knitting store in Davenport or one of the Quad Cities. It was so magical to me. I think that I remember it being down by the river, and I remember that I bought enough skeins of mauve Brown Sheep yarn to knit a sweater. I must have been a sophomore in college because I don't think I did much my freshman year except tempt fate. Anyway, it's a pleasant memory, and I'm sure that that yarn shop is long gone. My aunt died several weeks after Russ and I were married, so she's been gone over twenty years, but I do think about her sometimes when I knit or look through some of the wonderful old 1940s pattern books that she gave me.


Knittings Nice! said...

Its funny, wish I had kept all my babys patterns that I knitted when they were tiny, but silly me had a clearout a couple of years ago...now wish I'd kept them..still live and learn.

Mama Bear said...

Glad to hear the rash wasn't something serious!

I love going through the vintage knitting magazines. I asked if anyone had any of my grandmother's old patterns, but no one remembers her using patterns.