Monday, February 05, 2007

Putting a Hold on the Gloves

I'm getting discouraged about the whole glove thing. I don't understand why I can't find a pattern that will work with worsted weight yarn. I knit all day yesterday using some pink aurora that I bought when I needed more yarn for Paige's Harry Potter scarf. It ended up being way too wide. Sooo I thought I'd do what I always do when I'm discouraged in the knitting arena of my life. I decided to start a new project. I asked Kai, "Would you mind going in my bedroom and getting that pretty skein of green yarn on my white bookcase?" Listen to what my son said, "Mom, why don't you finish what you start before you go starting something else?" He obviously doesn't understand me.

I am onlly temporarily abandoning the glove idea, I am knitting some mitts. I still want to give somethinghem to my friend whose dad died recently and if I don't do something easier, I really will never get finished before spring weather comes. I've been wanting to try the mosaic mits in Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts anyway, so here goes.

I don't care about football AT ALL, but every since my sister and family moved to Indiana, Kai has been a Colts fan, so he happily had his own private Superbowl Party yesterday. Only Rowdy was invited. His best friend is a Bears fan, so I guess they couldn't watch the game together.


Teaandcakes said...

Good luck with the mitts! I've just finished that pattern (haven't blogged it just yet though). I enjoyed them, but my gauge was off and they're a bit small.

Cheryl said...

And I'll cheer you on as well! Life's too short to get hung up on any one particular project, especially since there are so many out there to do! And by the way, you could do the Knucks. It's just the intarsia element that messes me up. What was I thinking?