Tuesday, March 30, 2010

California Weekend

My sister-in-law, Ann and nephew, Sam came from Nebraska for a fun-filled, long weekend last week, which is part of the reason that I haven't gotten any farther on my L'Amour socks than I was a week ago, not that I didn't try. We had a wonderful, leisurely time, and I had lots of opportunities to knit, but it seems that every time I ended a knitting session, I discovered that I had miscounted stitches. I happily unraveled my errors, and then proceeded to make the same mistakes again while busily chatting away. I still say that it's all about the process, but I was getting ridiculous. The socks are for Ann, and I wanted to finish them while they were here, but that was a little ambitious.

There's nothing like out of state guests to remind you of what a great place you live, especially when the weather is perfect and everything is still so green. When we weren't socializing away, we did a few things, like:

eating lunch at Moo Creamery in Bakersfield, highlighted by basil lemonade and incredible raspberry jalapeno ice cream.

going to Brad's in Pismo Beach for fish tacos and walking off a few of the calories with a stroll on the wharf.

stopping at Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards to pick up a bottle of Golden Delicious Apple Chard and admire the peacocks.

enjoying beautiful views of Morro Bay from our rented beach house in Cayucos, and ending the day, listening to the waves while eating some doctored up Ragu spaghetti and Apple Chard for the grown ups out on the deck.

visiting Heast Castle for probably my twentieth time, Russ's ten or twelfth, Paige and Kai's six or seventh, and Ann and Sam's very first. I'd say we were all equally happy about it. Hearst Castle never gets old. It's always unbelievable. Although the price has really gone up --$25 a ticket. Guess I've gotten spoiled not having to pay when I take kids there on field trips every year.

We went on Tour 1, which is the best tour for anyone going for the first time. We were on the veranda at noon and got to hear the bells from the bell tower, something they've recently started doing. Way cool! And that was only half of our four days together.


Tracy said...

Oooo such happy days... LOVE to see that! Thank you for sharing... And I've always wanted to see the Hearst Castle--hopefully one day! :o) Happy Easter ((HUGS))

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Looks like you've had a grand time with your visitors. I've never been to Hearst Castle -- I'd love to go though. Those socks are beautiful -- go you! I can't talk and knit anything other than stockinette or rib stitch -- otherwise I'll mess it up every time!!! (Oh, the the giveaway deadline is next Monday, so you're good!)

Wool Winder said...

I'm glad you had such a fun visit. And renting a beach house means you got to go on a vacation, too.

Anonymous said...

It was a glorious visit. With GREAT company, food and sites. The weather was just perfect, and I loved every minute. I cannot believe you figured out "our" cookies already....YES!!!! I am so excited for the cool socks you are knitting me. THANKS again.

LOVE ya all.

Beate said...

I googles Hearts Castle. wow - some place !! Happy easter and thanks for sharing. I can see you all had a great time.

Hege said...

Looks like a great weekend!
Hope you'jj finish up your socks, because they will be great :)

JayJay said...

Wow, sounds like a fun visit! I would love to get to Hearst Castle, but it is quite a drive from here. Once RJ gets a little older we'll go.