Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I've been trying to enjoy every minute of spring out in my garden. Last week, I wrote a Facebook posting that said, "I just picked a worm up off of my patio and threw it back in the garden. It's official...I'm my mother." Several of my friends thought that was pretty funny, especially since I'm an English teacher, and I inadvertently spelled "threw" as "through." There was further evidence that I'm developing some of my mother's habits this morning when I went outside to check on my flowers and discovered slugs on my gerber daisies. I found myself a little rock and started squashing them. That'll teach 'em.

Between pulling weeds and ruining my manicure this weekend, I did manage to do a little knitting too. I love these L'amour socks from Spilly Jane's blog, and they were so reasonable too. The pattern called for gloss socks yarn, which is a merino and silk mix. It's not the nicest sock yarn, I've ever knit with, but it's the cheapest nice yarn I've ever used. I'm definitely going to use gloss again. Knit Picks is the best!

My sister-in-law from Nebraska, who is coming to visit this week, has hinted a couple of times that she'd like some wool socks (Actually, she said, "Let's go yarn shopping when I'm there, so you can knit me some socks!") I was so excited that she was interested in hand knit socks that I didn't wait for her to come to get them started. I'm not positive that she's going to like these. They are a little on the quirky side, but that's what makes them fun, and if she doesn't like them, I'll keep them and wear January. On the other hand, before I start bragging too much about them, maybe I should finish the second one since my sister-in-law is a bi-ped, after all.


corinna said...

those are "cool"
old term but i still use it
it was what came into my head
when i first looked at the pic
what fun
i bet she will love 'em

corinna said...

go here for the altoid tutuorial
(works for any tin really-
vonnas website has the best tutorials)

Anonymous said...

OMG.........I am so excited to have my own hand knitted socks from you!!! I will love whatever you give doubt in my mind! Can't wait to see you all Wed night!!

corinna said...

you are welcome
but vonna is the one to thank most

those socks rock

Willow said...

Oh, lovely spring flowers! And the socks- I'm sure your sister in law will love them!

Happy spring equinox weekend!

TheBlackSheep said...

Quirky? I think they're fab! She'll love them.

And that was officially my first daffodil of the season. Thanks for that!

Tracy said...

Such sweet spring floral loveliness... *sigh*... I can't wait until real, honest-to-goodness spring gets here! WONDERFUL socks--that rust-colored yarn is very pretty, and love the pattern. Have fun with family visiting! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Thimbleanna said...

Well, first of all, I'm relieved to know that your SIL is a bi-ped -- quadri-peds are so much more work to knit for! Very pretty socks! And don't you hate it when those spelling errors happen? We know darn good and well what the proper spelling is, we just get in a hurry and take the first spelling that pops up LOL!

Beate said...

The socks are great- and I´m pretty sure she is pleased to get two p.;-0

About mom´s: We tend to grow older and adapt some of our mom´s habits, ticks , sayings and such.
Why do we do that? I find my self adopting a few from my mom- not sure I like it ....... hmmmm

frayedattheedge said...

I often talk about sounding like my Mum - but i haven't yet said her most famous saying .... I'm not buying you chocolate biscuits, you just eat them .....

JayJay said...

Hi think we all become our mothers, to some extent at least. If you like your mom, it's not so bad.

How cute! What a nice pattern, and I love Knitpicks as well. I plan to place an order soon, since I need some new needles for some upcoming projects.

Julie said...

Those are great looking socks. If your SIL doesn't like them, keep them for yourself. You can always wear them when you go to visit her.
Just kidding!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Jealous of the flowers!
Awesome socks!

Knittings Nice! said...

Oh don't we just all need spring to arrive at the in U.K DRIZZLY OVERCAST AND DEFO GLOOMY!!!!!!!!....loving the socks

Charity said...

Love those woolly socks! That daffodil is gorgeous - no sign of them here. :o)

Hege said...

Love your socks!!
And I so envy you your spring... The temperatures are getting warmer here, despite a couple of days with -20 C in the early mornings.