Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lovin' Thorpe Hats

I really do love Kristen Kapur's Thorpe hat pattern. I can knit one in a day if I'm so inclined, which I was on Sunday.  I actually was knitting this hat for a boy on my kids' swim team who kept teasing me last week at a swim meet that he hoped I was knitting a hat for him.  I thought I would just go ahead and knit him one since I have a gazillion skeins of yarn just waiting to be knit into hats, and he did really seem interested in my knitting. Then my son Kai told me that that that boy had cancer, so I was even more inclined to knit him a hat. Well, Paige fell in love with this particular hat when I was finished with it, and commandeered it for herself. When I protested that it was for the boy on her swim team who had cancer, she said that he'd just found out that he didn't have it after all, and she didn't want some goofy underclassman wearing hats like she wears. Mmmmm, well, I was flattered that she liked the hat even if she does sound a tad insensitive. She has lots of other good qualities really....I guess I'll just knit that boy another hat.

I got Kai to model it  because he didn't go to swim practice today. He didn't go to swim practice today because he is the biggest procrastinator in the world and has two big assignments due tomorrow before the quarter ends. He thought he would just sit down and drink an Amp and eat a bag of chips before he got to work, so I caught him and made him be a model. He may not be the most focused student there is, but he sure is cute, and about as nice a person as you could ever meet. He would have given the boy who ended up not having cancer that hat!

On the other hand, Paige really does wear her Thorpe hats all of the time, as evidenced by a picture that she took of herself in the car today on our way to school.


Kate said...

I love that you have all sorts of people who want your handknits! That pattern is really wonderful, isn't it?! What a fun, fast knit! I love the colors you choose!

Thimbleanna said...

There's nothing more fun than knitting for people who love the knitting. Your hats look fabulous!

Hege said...

Great hats!!
And your daughter is so lucky to be going to UK!!

corinna said...

love the hats
and if teenagers want em
you have found a treasure pattern
thanks for the link
have a great week!

marit said...

Great hats and cute kids! I've made a couple of Thorpes too, and really like the pattern.

Wool Winder said...

It's really great news that the boy doesn't have cancer. Love the hat.

Tracy said...

That is such a great hat! And nothing sweeter than someone asking for one of your hand knits... Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

JayJay said...

They really are cute hats! All teenagers are inherently insensitive aren't they? I'm sure she will outgrow it. And really, he doesn't actually have cancer, so what's the big deal. ;)

Anonymous said...
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