Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Sheep

So, the morning began at 5:30 for Russ and Kai since Kai had to leave for a swim meet at 6:00. I was helpful enough to wake up and tell them to hurry, but then promptly went back to sleep. Paige didn't go either since she's battling a cold. We eventually headed to the swim meet at 11:00 ourselves but had to make a perfunctory stop along the side of the road so that I could admire the sheep, which actually look a bit bedraggled considering all of the rain we had last night.

I didn't take this picture. Russ took it of a Great Pyrenees who was a little concerned about the woman who got out of the car to go get a closer look at the babies.

He wasn't aggressive but was pretty adamant that we needed to move along. He was wagging his tail, but he made it clear that he could take care of businesses if he needed to. I told him not to worry and got in the car to take this shot.
Got home in time for Russ and me to take a little nap on the couch. Gidget thought she'd join us even though she almost assuredly spend the entire day napping. I did accomplish a little knitting on our trip today, but I'll post about that later. I have lots of grading to do tomorrow, but for now I'm looking forward to a nice evening of watching Michael Palin's New Europe from Netflix, and knitting, of course.


Hege said...

I love Michael Palin's New Europe. We've watched it a couople of times ;)
The dog looks amazing! I thought it was a sheep first ;) A really weird looking sheep *lol*

Willow said...

Have you ever driven north to Oregon in the spring? You'd be stopping every few miles to admire baby lambs (yes, that's redundant). It's dangerous to take me on that route because I yell out, Sheepies, more sheepies! Oh stop and let me see them!

The Getty Center is a great option for tourists because you can see all over the LA basin from the hill and you have the museum too. Teenage boy might like to see the Hollywood sign or Staples Center which you could do as a drive by. And Natural History Museum is right there near USC. There are also LaBrea Tar Pits and LA Museum of Art on Wilshire. Something for everyone. (If you get near Culver City, I can recommend an amazing restaurant.)

Kate said...

I love the photos! It looks like you had a wonderful day! You're pup is awfully cute!

Wool Winder said...

We brake for sheep also. :)

Nice photos!

TheBlackSheep said...

It's nice to see a dog doing what it was meant to do (this is not a knock for people who have pets. After all, I don't boar hunt with my Danes). Real working dogs seem to be getting rarer all the time.

I just love your Beagles. They're so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just got all caught up on your recent additions to this blog and it never lets me down. It's always informative, amusing and full of great pics. CANT wait to see you all NEXT week!!!!


Joansie said...

Love your dog. He reminds me of a dog I had years ago.

There's something special about baby lambs. I have a friend who raises them.

JayJay said...

Cute sheep! We don't get many farm animals around here, and I miss them a little. I guess a trip to the local zoo is in order!